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August 31, 2006

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church, the bible, being pentecostal (woot woot!), music, pink (the color), enjoyin life, country scenery, drivin in my pink geo tracker with the windows down, standin in the rain, bein cuddled up in a ball on my bed watchin a movie, .


relient k, hawk nelson, toby mac, jeremy camp, barlow girl, building 429 ...., garth brooks, josh gracin, little big town, dirks bentley, rascal flatts, jason aldean ...., dashboard confessional, goo goo dolls, matchbox twenty, cold play, howie day, rob thomas, john mayer, postal service, ....frank sinatra, michael buble, ....


hitch, how to deal, pretty in pink, sixteen candles, the breakfast club, ferris beuller's day off, diary of a mad black woman, romeo and juliet, the princess bride, beauty and the beast, moulin rouge, just like heaven, mean girls, anchorman ....


the bible, ...., romeo and juliet, the outsiders, perks of being a wallflower, ....

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sorry to say....

well, i dont think im going to be posting here any longer. no one ever comments...honestly its boring. but i have a myspace and xanga still if anyone cares to chat or leave a messsage. xanga: innocenceneverlost.



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finally got some actual pictures on here..... im doing good though. life is so so....alot of things are confusing right now. ill get through it as i always do...
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alone....its peaceful

its wierd....lately ive been in this mood where i just want to be alone. i just want to be alone and think. my life is crazy right now. almost every night ive been up till 2 in the mornin just sittin around thinkin....its peaceful. i wish i was able to do this more often....

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well today was the first out of 2 days at customs. i was there all flippin day. but it was worth it. i got the feel of what it will be like this fall. the campus is amazing! sure its hard finding places right now but im sure itll get easier once i actually start classes this fall. i cant wait!

   donalds in florida for the summer...... : (

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well im house sitting for the next it really is.

just imagine....a big house all to yourself, internet, 500 freakin chanels to surf, a huge fenced in backyard, free food, and getting paid 100 flippin dollars to make sure a dog is fed, and loved.

how sweet is this!!!?

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