So, How was your night?

July 27 2005

Mine wasn't good, nope not good at all

A car drove me off the road.

I went through 3 yards and slammed into a car parked in a drive way

My face doesn't feel very good, nor look very good.

Airbags do a lot of physical damage to one's skin.

My car is quite obviously, undriveable

Rebekah Minor

July 27 2005
oh so very very sorry...

Alice Eatherton

July 28 2005
Oh Michael! I'm sooo sorry! Are YOU alright? Why did they drive you off the road? You gotta tell meeee!!


July 28 2005
Michael! are u okay? thats awful!!!


July 28 2005
oh no!! are you okay? i hope you're not hurt too badly.

Stephanie Levine

July 28 2005
wow. I'll bring you make-up. =)


July 28 2005
:( No fun

Stephanie Levine

July 28 2005
by the way, you're getting really bad at saving me from the stalker....just thought you would like to know.


July 28 2005
Wow, I'm glad you're ok.

Mark Eatherton

July 29 2005
Bad luck, eh? Yeah, My airbags came so close to breaking my armwhen I wrecked.

Christopher Horne

July 29 2005
Wrecks are never fun. And I feel you about the airbags. I had burns all over my arms and face when I was in a wreck. Hope you're alright man. I still can't believe you graduated early though. Tisk tisk. And since this is already long, I might as well add that you need to play rec soccer this fall. Figured it'd be pretty fun if I could convince enough people to play.

Becky A.

July 29 2005
Wow. I really hope you're alright!!! I'm sorry that happened to you. I hope you get better really soon and you're in my thoughts and prayers.


July 29 2005
ouch, that sounds really horrible. and, yes airbags really hurt.

Virginia Moss

July 30 2005
oh man. hope you're okay!


July 30 2005
I was ay Corkey's tonight. Were you?


July 31 2005

Sarah Vermillion

August 01 2005
Well, that's good to know. *whew* No murdering the Sarah would be a good thing.

Sarah Vermillion

August 03 2005
Yeah, I thought, "Is this what it's like for Michael?" pretty much the whole two or three days I couldn't hear. Don't you get used to the noises a week or so after surgery? [I honestly have no idea.]

Kelsey Mac

August 04 2005
wow that had to suck big time

Donald Allen

August 07 2005
wow.... i'm sorry.... that's way i hate stupid drivers!!!


August 24 2005


August 25 2005
I'm sorry. If you come to eat lunch with us again can you bring me food too?

Maribeth Taglio

September 07 2005
I almost went off the road three times last week for that same kind of thing.... ONE OF THEM WAS A COP THAT PULLED OUT IN FRONT OF ME... I HAD TO GO INTO ONCOMING TRAFFIC TO MISS HIM!!!!!!!!!!