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July 09, 2008

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Jesus, dancing, breaking my knee, Brazil, the color pink, cats, sunglasses, cameras, eskimos, snow, cowboys, green tea, outdoors, music, clay, art, monet, degas, renoir, mondrian, cheese, plays, musicals, the ballet, the Rockettes, Chicago, Iowa, Christmas lights, fires, rain, shoes, leaves in the Fall, hiking, apple juice, seasonal candies, four leaf clovers, cinnamon gum, things that smell good, Halloween, Smiling, Fries, stars in the sky, the dollar store, hula-hooping in Wal-Mart., taking photos



Harry Potter, 13 Going on 30, 16 Candles, Ocean's 11, Ocean's 12, The Princess Bride, Phantom of the Opera, Chicago, Shanghai Knights, Sin City, Wedding Crashers, Under the Tuscan Sun, The Sandlot, Knight's Tale, Ice Age, Coyote Ugly, Ever After, Pretty Woman, The Little Mermaid, Notting Hill, Can't Buy Me Love, Sixteen Candles, Boondock Saints, Borat


Bible, The Princess and the Pea, The Secret Garden, Get Out of Bed (or any Robert Munsch book), Harry Potter, The Great Gatsby, Fallen Angels, The Devil Wears Prada

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Take ‘em away, take ‘em away, Lord
Take away these chains from me
My heart is broken ‘cause my spirit’s not free
Lord take away these chains from me
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I just deleted my entire buddy list!
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Christmas Gift Suggestions:

To your enemies--forgiveness

To an opponent--tolerance

To a friend--your heart

To a customer--service

To all--charity

To every child--a good example

And to yourself--respect

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Hello Phusebox world

It's a been a long time.

Thanksgiving is just around the corner. I am SOO excited about everyone coming home!!! YAY 

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