"fagots go to hell" followup

December 31 2006

she messaged me again saying that i'm just too cute to be gay.

ah, 14-year-olds and their reasoning.

and thanks for all the support guys. i know not all Christians are like that. i am one.

and i love all of you!


December 31 2006
Honestly, you are a very attractive young man.

Sarah Vermillion

January 01 2007
Obviously she hasn't figured out the real rule yet: If he's cute, he's probably gay.


January 01 2007
mhmm sarah has a point. lol happy new year!!!

Meagan McCann

January 01 2007
im agreeing with all of the above! lol meag

Jamie Crabtree

January 01 2007
They're right, which leaves little hope for us women out there. Haha. I just wish a friend of mine was on the same track when it comes to this.


January 02 2007
you're absolutely adorable steven!!


January 03 2007
Sounds like she doesn't want you to be gay for her own benefit... attraction gone wrong.