Mmd Jamie et Moi

October 24 2005

so i'm going to JAPAN with this girl in the summer. is anyone as excited as i (am)? i think not.

... i need a straightener... any givers?

Maribeth Taglio

October 25 2005
i heart you stephen! we need to hang out! *maribeth


October 25 2005
ahaha yay! I'm exited too ^_^ and target has a straightner that works miracles for like 15 dollars ahaha. and dunkley is british because my grand daddy on my daddy-o's side is british. I am just a mix of everything..ahaha I LOVE YOU!

Chris Slate,

October 25 2005
hold on... ur goin to japan with jamie... gahlee... lucky!... lol... i even have a straightener.. gahlee... where have u been... lol... well... take me to japan steste... lol c ya

Emily W.

October 25 2005
stephen!! hi hi! hows it goin?