February 27 2006
i hate murfreesboro traffic
Originally Taken: November 30, -0001


February 27 2006
I like youre eyes in this one. <3 ::+::Chelsey::+::

Rachel Chase

February 27 2006
*sigh* hotness... ^^


February 27 2006
i hate murfreesboro...but i'm diggin the glove thing.


February 27 2006
EVERYONE hates boro traffic


February 27 2006
awww ur sooo cute!

Jessica Dennis

February 27 2006

Thomas Lewallen

February 27 2006
If that was on the way to my house, I fell baaad lol. Sorry didn't call , I think your passed out right now anyhow , I fell asleep long time ago , but obviously woke up. Well..sometime soon we should be able to hang out , I was going to ask you to come talk to me while I tan (tanning bed) lmao, Thomas

Rebekah Minor

February 28 2006
yes, i definetely agree....


February 28 2006
i like that picture :) very cute


February 28 2006
Shooooot...JUICE. Such a cute one.


March 04 2006
i like this pic of you the best :).. can i borrow those adorable hand warmers, where did u get them? I want them :)