Hawaii Boys


The sign…..

March 01 2006

For those of you that go to AO you know about our BIG signs that go on campus. Well Jeff and I thought it would be a good idea to make one for down here……


Making the sign….

What we needed

Wood and tools  

We thought this was pretty funny, but we still took a chance and used it even though we’re not Hawaiian…..

And we worked hard really really hard

Well kinda

Starting to come together

Then it was time to paint….



Then spray painting

We we’re mostly making it up as we went, but we we’re happy w/ the end result….well I was since I was spraying. Jeff had to hold the stencils down….lol

And finally after 3 weeks of working on this thing….yes 3 weeks we got it on campus!!!

So we we’re really happy with what it came out looking like. We also went one past AO sign. You see our sign you can take out of the legs and just paint a new one to put in…AO sign you can’t do that…. Anyways what do ya’ll thank about the sign. We have gotten mixed feed back…

Good or Bad?

Izzy Isaac

March 01 2006
looks pretty pineappley to me! :)


March 01 2006
I LOVE!! Well I'm glad you stick with it! and never gave up.. lol


March 01 2006
haha, that pic of jeff with the yellow fingers is classic... and is this copyright infrindgement?

Rachael Vance

March 01 2006
it's very good...hope jeff's yellow hands were worth it! i didn't know you guys were that handy...just kidding! good work, boys.

Lacy Evans

March 01 2006
That's my boys! Like it when we get to see your crafty side :)...will it ever show up again?...lol

Robert Lewis

March 03 2006
it looks like it says crotical mass, not critical mass...but anyway...