Hawaii Boys



January 16 2006
Ok so if you know me this should be funny
so last night at church, our pastor was talking about Jesus and how great and wonderful he is. At the end he stop, and you could tell he was seaching for a word. So to describe how great and wonderful Christ is.....he said "well as they say in TN......DANG!" and everyone just lost it,
See jeff and i are changing the islands!!!!!!!!

Joy Fanguy

January 16 2006
thats awesome, keep up the good work!


January 16 2006
haha! yes!

James Roberts

January 16 2006


January 16 2006
hahaha... dude, thats awesome!


January 16 2006
what can i say....dang

Rachael Vance

January 16 2006
haha..love it..that's great!