September 18 2005
Well my 17th was pretty awesome! Sorry for all you guys that got invited but couldn't come! We had a blast! Thanks to everybody that gave me presents! Lol, i've never been so rich in my life. I freakin love you guys you freakin rock. I've got the pics from the party in my picture box and on my xanga.

On another note, Clint asked me to speak to the youth group this wednesday night about what God is doing in my life. So please pray for me that God will reveal to me what I should talk about and that I don't get too nervous b/c this is my first time to really speak in front of a very large group of people to share what God's been doing in my life.



September 18 2005
dude u got this, take it to our youth group!!!!! im serious, i think ur ganna blow us away. ill be praying for u. cya

eddie sally

September 18 2005
thats great man!! its a cake walk. ive spoken about my faith before to people i didnt even know. you'll do great.


September 18 2005
Glad ur bday was awesome... yeh I'll pray for ya ... Im not to good with public speaking, I dont get nervous to sing in front of people , but I do to speak...


September 18 2005
nah..i got it at hot topic


September 18 2005
ur party was a blast. and i wish u luck and im praying for u to change the lives of people in the youth group when u speak.

Clint Nadeau

September 19 2005
My brother, G-Muny...I very excited to hear what God would lead you to say Wednesday. Rely on His strength, ask for His Grace, let His words be yours and hide youself behind the Cross. I'm glad our Father has put you in my life for this season. Continue to grow in Christ and Fight the Good Fight of Faith- Clintos

Bryan Thomas

September 20 2005
Thats awesome that you get to share whats going on in your life in front of your youth group. Don't worry about you'll know what to say. God Bless.

BriTtaNy GriMm3tT

September 20 2005
i might be comming to seigel soon maybe i will see you around


September 21 2005
Hey garrett you did awesome tonight and i'm gonna make you a shirt some time haha does that sound good ?? well alrighy I hope you have a good day tomorrow and i'll ttyl alrighty God loves you and so do I Abi


September 23 2005
hey can you plz help me fix my bathroom..plz! well hope u can..bye