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December 01, 2007

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the Man upstairs, younglife, good jokes, cars, gals, music, friends, football, the united states air force


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fight club, dumb and dumber, dodgeball, top gun, a few good men, forrest gump, austin powers, both fast and furious, gone in 60 seconds, to hell and back, rat race


the bible, anything by nicholas sparks, tuesdays with morrie

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i cant

theres someone out there who needs my help but i cant help because its not up to me

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have you ever felt like your best friends are your worst friends?

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its been a while.

ive been really busy. school. younglife. work. some more school. thats about it. ive also learned a lot about myself and my Creator. God is good. if you stay in Him, amazing things will happen that you never thought could happen. birthday was on thursday. just another day. hope everybody is doing swell. peace.


1 timothy 4:12

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the man of steel

superman returns is awesome. you should go view it. even though it may cost you 45 arms and 87 legs. unless you go to the matinee. anyways you should view it.

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zebra cakes

as i sit here in my fold out chair, eating zebra cakes, drinking whole milk, i tell you this story.

i have given up my childhood dream of being a pilot. God was telling me that that wasnt where i was suppossed to be. it also wasnt what i thought it would be like either. im not really bummed out about it. God has something way better for me.

I have learned a lot about God here in the last few weeks and its been awesome. He has shown me that He will put me in situations that may look bad to us from a human standpoint but He is conforming us to His own image. He has shown to seek Him first, no matter what it is. He has shown me to trust more. He has shown me that Satan has limitations. Satan is Gods creation and cannot rule your life. God is always in control, even though you may think He isnt.

thats about it for me. younglife is going really well. cant wait for the new semester to start. catch yall later.


1 timothy 4:12

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