Devils Rejects is great.

July 28 2005

The girl I like(don't even ask, im not telling)..well I think im going to ask her out to lunch tomorrow. I am tired of wasting time. I'm just gonna give her a call, and chit chat. Then, im going to straight up ask her. "would you like to go out to get lunch or dinner sometime?. " Or something like not trying to bullshit like im some kind of player or something. Fuck that shit. Honesty is not always the best idea, but it seems like the right one. Ecspecially when my intentions are pure, as should be my word.

wish me luck,
my name

Super heros'''''''''

July 27 2005

I was thinking, which is weird. How is it that, milk, an easily replinished commodity. Is almost 5 dollars a gallon, and yet, gasoline. Which is derived from oil, a quickly dissapating natural resource. Is only 2$ and some change? I'll tell you why. Milk taste damn good, thats why. Honestly now, who the hell wants frosted flakes and a big heaping bowl full of gasoline...iik

my closing,
my name.

your closing?
my grandpa's name?


July 26 2005
Today sucked some "title"(that mean looks up wanksta)

work blew "title" ..

getting grounded again..

if i was a town..i wouldn't name myself lavergne...that name sucks...i feel how a question mark stands....not very

if you somewhat understood that...think about this!...listen well and hard!!! are you?you are how?who are you? you are who? should see what i can do with a long sentence :-)...

its fun being insane,
my name , and not yours..(unless you request)

Phuse box

July 24 2005
Phuse box,
Phuse box.

PHuse box,
Phuse box

A dissapointing look at a classic.

July 17 2005
Saw willy wonka...psssh this movie is some bulllllshit. It was about 19 different kinds of lame. I was looking forward to it so much. The oompas all look exactly the same, with the aid of photoshop. Not to mention, the other extremely welll...i didn't like it, but im not going to bash it too much. Im sure if i was innebriated that i would love it.

tom petty is simply amazing

July 14 2005
i weant to the Tom Petty concert last night... holy .. just know, just realize rather....that tom petty is damn good live...i almost fell over when he started playing..hope everyone has an abundantly spectacular evening , morning, and i don't feel like thinking of new stuff to say ...

jeremy hirt,
your buddy forever and ever .......

People that are often placed to look nice, arent often nicely placed.

July 03 2005
You have a good day? Ahh... ok. Well my day weant alright, my mom made terriyaki was grrreeeat, oh wait that was breakfast :-) lunch was good. Work was cool, it was slow .. with minimal jack-ass-ocrity from associates and guests alike. Sleep is waiting for me...and i dont want to keep it up all night. I like breathing, you?

your buddy,
Jeremy Hirt

candy taste bad with cool-aid

July 02 2005 have you all been? thats cool....yep, stuff and things....womp womp....huskeieieieiei shieioltlaltkskks..slslslkd.d.d..d.d

much love,

Passively Amazing Adventures

June 24 2005
Dear Literate(sp?) reader,
Yesterday was cool. I was doing a whole bunch of cool stuff all day long. Then i weant to the mall and saw the Faz Kid's Night crew. Well a few members, GRace your soooooooooooooooooooo mean. But get this, I was re-introduced to a great guitar player. So that was cool. Then the girl that i used to like a lot. Comes up with her friends and informs me that....get this shit....get this... tells me she broke up with her boyfriend(duesche{sp?}...and then i proceed to inquire as to what she has been doing all summer..and she tells me that she got a bass. I was like wow...Then, she says "I've been looking for someone to teach me how to play, but i can't find anyone." i just started sweet an event indeed.. what a glorioius i told her i played..she said she knew, i smiled..then we exchanged numbers and whatnot...then i told her i would try really hard to remember to call her later that night. Luckily..with some help from friends i remembered to call her. Well im rambling and have been rambling for about 20 ill see you all later

your buddy,
Jeremy Hirt

New Stuff

June 22 2005
Hi everyone,
If you've ever been to the Faz of m'boro, I was probably the service leader(the breadstick guy). If you like fazolis.....uhh thanks. I play the bass, i don't suck at it.... Well i love you guys.

your buddy,
JEremy Hirt