February 01 2006


Are they even worth it?

Because if they are

They sure aren't convincing me...

By the way, my sister is coming home from the hospital today.


I take back everything I just said about girls


There's this one

That is special

And we are currently dating now.


February 01 2006
what was wrong with your sis? some girls are. the ones that actually care and have some sense...get to know a girl well before you date em.


February 01 2006
idk about the ones you`re lookin at but i know i`m worth it lol . i`m glad she`s comin home -- if only u said what was wrong . <3SARAH!

Chris Slate,

February 01 2006
ur right... they arent worth it... i just got myass dumped... screw them... girls are for fags


February 01 2006
Ahh lame girls suck.<br>Oh well, thanks for the add.<br>I hope your sister is better =)<br>Hospitals can be scary!!<br>Have a Great week!


February 01 2006
yep.. pretty sure girls do suck.. hah.. if i was you id stick to guys ;) hahahahahahhaha i am JUST KIDDING... certain girls are worth it... you'll find one that is.. even if you have to wait a longlonglong time.. you'll find one


February 01 2006
Aw damn -- and I was going to tell you to girls are pains in the arses... disregarding that I am one, but I could transition to male since everyone seems keen on making that mistake anyway.... *sigh* xD

justin daniels

February 02 2006
I've found girls are just like everything else in life....certain ones are worth it,and the majority of them aren't. Like a party in another town..some are worth it,some aren't. I'm proud to say my girl is definitely worth it.

l a u r e n b e a s l e y.

February 02 2006
girls defintely suck, but guys suck worse

Jonathan Allmon

February 04 2006
Happy Birthday to Me!