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April 26, 2006

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photography. friends. concerts. kissing. falling in love. shopping. american eagle. florida. beaches. summer. dancing beneath the moon, in the rain and snow. not doing homework. parties.


taking back sunday. the ataris. the goo goo dolls. the tea party. wicked. the lion king. theory of a deadman. silvertide. crossfade. the starting line. mae. led zepellin. pink floyd. the beatles. green day. straylight run. fall out boy. all american rejects. saosin. senses fail. tom petty. kelly clarkson. ashlee. brand new. hawthorne heights. the rolling stones. the offspring. spitalfield. klear. kanye. black eyed peas. wu tang clan.


LOTR. almost famous. how to deal. black hawk down. ned kelly. kingdom of heaven. pride and prejudice. pirates of the carribean. home alone 1&2. tristan and isolde. disney. TV: laguna beach. the oc. csi. without a trace. discovery/history channel.


the dark jewels books. the palomino. someone like you. this lullaby. much ado about nothing. pride and prejudice. the china garden. the nanny diaries. the perfect manhattan. can you keep a secret? the a-list. the nanny diaries.

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1.5 Days

prom and the last day of school at nardin is this friday.

party hard.

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la la la

mmm i love lost. you should watch it sometime. good show.

i work 5 days in a row this week. someone please shoot me now.

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Happy Parade Day

i love parade day in buffalo. basically... everyone gets wasted watching the st. patricks day parade. great festivity. <3 it lots.

jackdaw's pretty amazing too.

happy belated st. patrick's day!

oh. i got my hair cut too. its super cute.

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4th Period FREEEE!

i had the weirdest dream last night. and i got almost no sleep.

but my mommy came back home from FLA and i guess my grandma's doing a little better.

um... im tired.

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rar rar rar

im taking the night off.

....and im starting a countdown to spring break.
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