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-Chapter 2 (cont.)-

I was walking from school to my house, alone and depressed.  I walked up to my front porch, and lo and behold there sat the jerk I call Benson.  "Hey, Rayne!" he said.  "Oh, hey Benson!" I said, sarcastically.  "Now you notice me.  If you don't mind my asking, why the heck are you sitting on my front porch?"  "Well, I was waiting for you."  Oh, brother!  He's such a faker...why does he even care about me anyways?  "I don't understand, Benson.  Just today at school you acted like you had no clue who I was!"  He frowned.  "Yeah, I'm sorry about that.  If you want me to leave, I will.  That was wrong of me."  Aww!!!  How sweet!  (How could I resist such flattery?)  "No, that's okay!  Just let me go put my stuff up...I want to talk to you."  I walked inside, threw my stuff down, and ran back out.  He smiled when he saw me, and my heart skiped a beat when I saw him.  I was going crazy over this boy, and I had to figure him out.

-Chapter 3-

"Benson, what's up with you?  I mean, how can I be sure that tomorrow at school you won't act like you've never seen me before?  Because the Benson I saw today at school was not the same one that I talked to for 2 hours yesterday afternoon.  Not the one who made me!  Yeah, that's the word...happy."  He looked at me...his eyes were soft and it was one of those, 'there's no need for words' moments.  "Rayne, I have something to tell you.  First of all, I'm sorry...and second, I...nevermind."  If you hadn't caught on yet, yes, I very much liked Benson.  "You what?" I asked; hoping it was what I wanted to hear.  "Well, nevermind, Rayne.  You probably won't care.  You're way too pretty and smart to care about someone like me...I've gotta go." Oh, no.  Stab in the heart.  "No, Benson, wait!!" I yelled, hoping to get a positive response.  But he didn't stop.  I remember knowing that I should follow him and tell him how I really felt, but I didn't go.  I had to make a point to do that...sometime in the near future, before he slipped between the cracks and I lost him.  I really didn't want that.  So, there I was, alone yet again...and mad.  Mad at myself for not going after him.  There really was something different about Benson.  Something good different.  Wow, I think I've fallen for him so hard that I've broken something and I can't get up!

-    *    *    *    -

As soon as I got back home, I prayed...hard.  I prayed for Benson, and whatever was going on with him.  I prayed for Milly, that she would forgive me, I was so stupid.  I prayed for my parents, I know it's a pain having to put up with me.  And, last but not least, I prayed for help.  I needed God's help!  I felt as though I was stuck in some sort of trap and the only way to get out was through Him.  All of the sudden, the phone rang.  It was Milly.  "Listen, Ray, I'm so sorry.  I'm not better than you, you are great just the way you are, and I don't know everything.  Do you want to come over so we can talk about it?"  She sounded so sincere!  (Thanks, God.)  "Milly, are you sure you want me to do that?  Do you think we can?" I really didn't want to hurt her feelings.  "Rayne, you're my best friend and I want to talk to you!"  "Okay, Mills, I'll be right over."  I grabbed my stuff and began my long, treacherous journey to the other side of the neighborhood.

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back...more of story


-Chapter 2-

"Do you play any sports?"  I said as I walked alongside my newly-found companion.  (Yeah, I know, I'm not exactly romantic!)  "Well, I like basketball and baseball, but I just transferred so I don't have a school team."  "Oh, cool...I guess.  What school are you going to now?"  "Stanley middle.  I start tomorrow."  When he said that, my heart jumped.  I didn't understand it.  "Oh, my gosh!  That's, like, my school!"  What was wrong with me?  'Oh, my gosh that's like my school'?  What was I thinking?  I don't talk like that!  He started skipping and waving his hands around saying,"That's, like, totally awesome, girl!"  (Great, now he was mocking me.)  We walked past my house a few times, talking about random things: sports, school, music, art, and then something totally unexpected-love.  "Do you have a boyfriend?" he asked me, very unexpectedly.  That was like a stab in the heart, after what had happened a mere few minutes ago with Milly.  I cringed.  "No," I said,"I guess I'm just not the 'girlfriend type'."  He looked puzzled.  "Sure you are!  Maybe just not for the guy you've got your eye set on.  You never know, someone could come along...when you least expect it."  He glanced at his watch and said,"Sorry, I have to go!  See you at school tomorrow,, I didn't catch your name."  "My name's Rayne!  And your's?"  "Name's Benson!" he yelled.  By this time, he was already half a football field away from me.  "Wow," I thought,"He's awesome."

-    *    *    *    -

The next day at school, I had butterflies...was it because of him?  I kept looking around, but I didn't see him.  Then, on my way to lunch, there he was.  He looked even more gorgeous than beore!  I waved at him, but he just looked at me like he didn't know who the heck I was or why I was waving at him.  So, I went over there.  "Hey, Benson!  What's up?"  Just then, Josh came over there.  He brought along his stupid girlfriend, who was instantly 'attracted' to Benson.  A cold stab of jealousy jabbed me in the side.  I just walked off, trying to avoid any conflicts.  I looked back and they hadn't even noticed I'd left!  All I could hear was some loud laughter and what sounded like my name followed by a distorted sounding,"Hey, Benson!  What's up?".  I thought I had found someone who liked me for who I was.  But, things aren't always what they seem.  He was just one of those stupid popular robots.  Sometimes I wish that just for once, someone would like me...just once.

-    *    *    *    -

to be continued...i have more but i've run out of time!

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here you go

hey, i told you guys i LOVE to write, correct?  (i just said that so i didn't have to say "write, right?"  well, here's an "I'm bored so i wrote this" one!


Do I really stare at him that much?  I sometimes catch myself doing it...but not that often!  He says I always stare at him, but who wouldn't?  He's gorgeous!  Why do I stare at him?  It doesn't matter.  He would never like me anyways.  No matter how nice he might be, I don't think he could forsake his popularity...for me.  He's so perfect, it almost makes me jealous, but then I wonder WHY I don't like him instead!  I mean, they are the same in a way...but that's not important.  Right now, I'm not sure if I like him or not...I almost hope I do.  But every time I like someone, I end up almost leading myself on--making myself believe they like me.  I say I love them, but do I?  Can I?  I'm scaring myself...will anyone ever believe it if it's true?  Will I even?  I THINK I'M IN LIKE.

-Chapter 1-

I'm extreme sometimes.  I get very worked up, and on a rare occasion, Milly has to calm me down.  "Don't worry about him, he's a jerk!  Don't you know that you are just wasting your time?"  There she was again, Milly was always trying to comfort me.  "Yeah, I know, Mills, but he's different!  I just know it!"  This guy we were fighting about, Josh, he was SO perfect!  I'd been crushing (HARD) on him for 3 months now, and there I was, yelling at Milly about another guy who didn't know I existed.  "Milly, why can't I find love just one time...just like everyone else?"  "Well," Milly said,"If Josh...isn't the one for you, God's got someone WAY better in His plan."  "Well, I know, Milly...but I'm beginning to think that no one will me."  "Ray, if I hear that from you one more time, I swear!"  We fought like this a lot, but this time was different.  Mills had a boyfriend.  Usually, we would sulk together, laughing at how silly that was.  But not now.  Now, it was like I was alone.  My best friend couldn't even relate to me!  "You don't understand, Mills, how can you?  You have a boyfriend and I don't!  You have everything."  "Ray, boys are not the important thing in life!  And just because I have a boyfriend and you don't doesn't mean you have the right to come to me and whine about it!"  Whoa, stop right there!  How could Milly say something like that to me?  She had been my best friend since we were both in kindergarten.  "Milly, you think you are so much better than me, but you're not!"  With tears in my eyes, I grabbed my back pack off her bed, jumped up, and slammed the door behind me, leaving Mills...I mean, Milly in complete and utter shock.  On my way out, her mom tried to stop me, but I didn't listen.  I was so hurt...Mills knew I was sensitive, especially about THAT situation, and she still said it!  I couldn't believe her!  By this time, I was walking down the sidewalk toward my house.  But in my anger, I tripped and ended up falling right at the feet of this gorgeous hunksicle!!!  He looked down at me and said "hi" with the most beautiful smile I had ever seen.  In my embarrassment, I was able to mutter a shaky "hello".  He looked back at me, shook his hair, and said with a smirk,"You know, I'm not used to girls bowing down at my feet, but if you want to, I'm fine with it."  He helped me up and we started walking into the sunset, holding hands and talking about our future!  Okay, so maybe it didn't happen EXACTLY like that.

        do ya like it?           

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your real friends

i guess...i mean, i know who my real friends are.

you find out who your real friends are when you are the one being a pain, and they stick by you.  they help you through the darkest storms, pray for you, and are always there when you need them.  but, sometimes, you have to let go.  sometimes, you NEED to move on.  and occasionally, you'll find someone better.  there are only a few of these people in your life.

this has really been hitting me in the face...pretty hard lately.  like, i find out who God really is...when i let go of my burdens.  even when i'm not being very Christ-like, He won't ever leave me nor forsake me.  I've found that when i just let go, i am so much more joyful.  i can see life's true beauty and really understand what i need to work on in life.  This isn't, like, super deep or book-worthy...but it's what i felt like i needed to share with people.  God's there even when people aren't.  In life, I won't be reliable, but God always will be.

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So, my day was interesting.  my ankle hurts....ow.  If you didn't know this about me, I peel my bananas upside-down.  I did that at lunch today and my friends call me wierd.  I AM NOT WEIRD.  (but i can't spell wierd.)  I like the band Everlife.  I also like TCAP week.  But, I hate TCAP.  (A.K.A. TCRAP)  I also wish COREY would check and reply to his stinkin' messages every now and then!!!  (hint hint)  Mime was fun lastnight.  WOO!  So, tell me about your day unless you just don't want to.  WOW...bored!  I want some ice cream real bad...

_`*`Freeze-dried Romance`*`_

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