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April 20, 2007

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Funny Thought

So I clicked on find people by accident and to my suprise, it gave a listing of "suggested friends" - So it was funny to me that Josh was a 15% match??? whatever that means - just a funny thought.  I think we're a good match:)


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So I realized its been a while since I've written somethign on here, I've tried a few times a work, but I was interrupted and the computer logged off before I could get back to it.

Things are good out here in Raleigh, seems more normal now, though we still miss home very much. Its was very different being out here on Christmas with no family. But we enjoyed the time together - though I think Josh got a little bored while I was working. You can take a look at the pictures - there's one where he's one the couch being all sad:(!!!! I had to work 5 nights in a row, with Christmas in the middle, so I felt terrible that he was here all by himself while I was at work. We survived though - as we always do.

We hope to make it to TN sometime soon, though we're not sure exactly when yet. And we would always love for you guys (girls) to come and see us! I know I can't wait till Amber, Sarah, and Lauren come in March!!! WOHOOO. It will be fun.

And just to verify some gossip that I think has been going around - yes, Josh IS getting a kayak - he's been begging since before we got engaged - and the time is finally here. So needless to say, he's been in a pretty good mood these past few day!

We also have some friends that just moved to Raleigh/Wake Forest for seminary. One of my best friends from high school - and our other best friend from high school moved out here in August. So the three of us are out here in a little random town of Wake Forest, 8 hours aways from Hendersonville TN. Kinda crazy, but I think God knew that we needed each other adn a litttle part of "home" out here in NC.

Love to all -

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Oh Christmas Tree, O Christmas Tree

So we got our first Christmas tree last night. It was quite an experience. We went to this little place right down the road from our apartment and turns out it was a youth group selling trees to go on a mission trip to NYC. We were very excited to help support them (and in turn get a Christmas tree).  There\'s nothing like a real tree at Christmas. Our little apartment actually has a Christmas smell now, its quite nice. So to follow my old traditions as a child (well, even last year I guess) - we decorate the tree and watch a Christmas movie. We chose Elf probably b/c its the FUNNIEST christmas movie in the world and we both love that movie (even though my favorite Christmas movie is The Preachers Wife - if you havent seen it - go rent it cause its a good one). So now working on Christmas doesnt seem so bad since it actaully feels like Christmas around here.  Hope you enjoy the pictures. Hope to hear from you soon.
Steph (and Josh)
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Home to TN :)

So I can\'t wait b/c Josh and I are coming home in the morning. YAHHH!!!! I love Thanksgiving more than any day of the whole year. Its just time to sit, eat, and enjoy being with family. We have to do the whole splitting time between the families this year though, which is totally a new thing, but it will be good and I\'m definately excited about spending the holidays together this year. We will be in the boro on sat/sun and so we will be at Belle Aire on Sunday morning - Can\'t wait to see you all.

The job is going well. Just still hating the working nights part of it. Its 0221 and my body says  - GO TO BED - but my job says - STAY AWAKE!!! Its making havoc of my body. My days are all thrown off and I seem to always be exhausted. I was up for 38 hours the other day - I was fianlly in zombee mode. It was no fun at all.  I had my first experience with the death of a child recently. One of our kids that I had taken care of many, many times on my orientation and whom I had grown attached to passed away last week. He had a long fight with cancer and lost here on earth, but I know that he is wtih Jesus now, free from his pain. Its still sad though and it was so hard to watch him die.  He was so scared, as we all are to some degree. He told us one night that he didnt want to die b/c he didnt  know anyone in Heaven and thought he wouldnt have any friends. (we soon reminded him of two of our other kids that passed awwy that he had grown to know during his stay at the hospital.). So that brings me to the point that God has been teaching me about why He has me at this job. Many of the people that I work with are bitter toward the Lord b/c they see so many chldren here suffer and in pain and eventually loose their battle. None of these chldren deserve it, but in the human minds, they can\'t understand why God woudl put kids through this either. Sometimes I dont understand it. Its kept me up a few nights just thinking why this happens to kids - but them I\'m quickly remineded that God is soverign and His character is unchanging. He knows better then we do His big picture. I\'m learning not to question that but to just know that that He is God. So I know that He has me at this job to share that message with others and to share joy as well.

Anyway, thats enough of all that. Things in Raleigh are great - we will see you all on Sunday I hope:)


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Back to Real Life

So the honeymoon is over and we\'ve started back to working and all the things that happen with \"life\".  Its kind of a sad thing when you realize that one chapter of your life is over. We had so much fun with our engangement and all the wedding festivities - now is on to married life. Which, has turned out to be quite an adventure as well. We\'re still learning to live with each other and learning more about each other every day. Its a great thing! Josh\'s teaching has slowed down a bit, especially when he realized it was almost Thanksgiving and then after Thanksgiving, it wasnt much longer til Christmas break. He\'s done with Cross Country, which means that he can get home earlier in the afternoon now and we can spend a little more time together. My job is still going well though at times I hate it and I want a normal job, with normal hours. The whole working nights thing is still rough hon my body - I really never know what day or time it is. There\'s no routine in my life.
 We have been able to start going to a small group at the church we go tto here. It was really nice last week, we got to hang out with people our age and feel like we actually have some friends our here. God has definately been teaching me alot about leaning on Him for companionship and for His friendship. Most of the time its just me and Josh and that is much different for us than when we lived in Murfreesboro and seems we always had something to do or someone to hang out with. So this has been a big adjustment for us. And then there\'s Christmas - oh, I wont say too much cuase I might start crying - at the thought that I wont be home for Christmas this year witth my family. I\'m workign five straight nights from christmas eve on. Josh will be here alone and that makes me sad. And it makes me sad that  I wont get to see my family this year. Okay, I\'m done. Well, I just wanted to post a little update on how the Carrolls are - so we\'re great and would love to hear from you! Keep in touch.

Stephanie and Josh
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