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November 01, 2006

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Hawaiian Quiz

Ok guys… here’s the challenge for ya… The locals here in Maui (as well as the other islands) have their own dialect called “Pigeon”. Pigeon is basically a mixture of English and Gibberish………. So, your quiz is to see if you can translate the following saying. Justin and Leslie are disqualified to this contest, b/c all they have to do is get a local to translate it for them. (sorry guys) Also, if you happen to have lived in Hawaii for any good length of time, you need not apply.


Ok… Here goes…


What kine dis?


Eh so what u guys like go beach & small kine swim and den go grind aftah? When u guys like go? I stay bored la dat… We go bu. Shoots den! Shpoock ya latahz.


Not too hard, but we’ll see how you do. I hope you did better than the spell check on Word…. It’s wiggin out.


-Jeff, Hodge, and Jah (thanx for providing the dialogue)

February 02, 2006
Rachel Pearl said

Easy! the first one is "WHat kind is this?" The second one is beyone me though. My mother lives in England and I often need for her to translate.
February 02, 2006
Jah said

I got something to say about this... um... it's spelled pidgin not pidgeon... it's not the bird you dorks... either get it right or don't get it at all... okay das all byeeeeee... smiles, Jah
February 02, 2006

hahaha... im with Jah, ...shoots brothers...
February 02, 2006
Rachael Vance said

well, i think i get part of it...but not good enough to post in public..i would rather save myself the embarrassment...
February 03, 2006
kelsey shearron said

mahn. i was scrolling through your pictures...not even fair hog-e...for real...i hope youre havin a good time!..ill be praying for you! -kels
February 03, 2006
Hawaii Boys said

ok.... no one is even close.... sorry rachel, ur no where near close...... neways....we need more tries.... com on people... get it together -Jeff
February 03, 2006
Matt Davis said

I don't have a clue... And I live here... but, i did just move here.

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