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October 07, 2007

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{exposed} it's not what you think

i got my yearbook today! my own edition of POHAKU MAKAMAE, the name of the yearbook at campbell. i have decided that i probly want to stay at campbell next year. it would be more convenient, and i know people there.

i am so bored. in an effort to solve my problem, i am going to go.


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i am so bored. i might go to the mall on monday, since monday is memorial day. so, yah. we will probly go to pearlridge on monday, me and someone else. i dont even care if its my sister. i need to go somewhere. i cant stand to be bored like this, and if i stay here, my mother (who cant do anything right now, due to pain from surgery) will tell me to clean everything in sight. i cant clean. im allergic to it. ..bOreD.. school is almost out! i am happy, even though everyone in the boro i think has already gotten out, and eveeryone in cali has i think. people in hawaii dont get out till next week, and then its different for every school. so dumb. okay, well imma go now. alohas..
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i had a party at school yesterday.

i woke up at 5 am to meet my friend at her house so we could buy food. never doing that again.

i want to go to the beach today. last time i was at the beach was choke time ago. and it was waikiki and it consisted of me walking through the sand. so it doesnt count.

i am so bored. i don tknow why. i did a lot of cruzing with my friends this week. and it was at the grocery store. sad, yeah?  iapplied for a job at mcd's, and baskin robins, but i dont want to work at baskin robbins. scooping ice cream? not my thing.

i read an article in the paper today, it was talking about theives stealing the copper wire that allows the signs on the freeway to lite up. so the lights have been out for months.

i have to go. bye

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i went to waikele yesterday and i have concluded that:

the outlet mall sux.

i went there because i was bored from lack of doing anything over hte weekend. my sister went with me, with her ipod, i dont know why i didnt bring mine. i was bored. we went into vans, borders, radioshack, borders, and basking robins. oh and mcdonalds. boring.

i went to school today. when do i not go to school? we only have a month left, we get out july 5, and then we go back july 28. so short, yeah? hawaii has not had a unified school calendar for decades. now we are year-round schools. i dont like it. but we do get llonger breaks inbetween the year. all i know is that i am officially a sophomore next year, blackman gave me my credits sometime over the term.

okay, i have to go.

bye bye bye bye bye

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my day

i had an okay day. first period was good, because miss was back, and we learned about "case studies."

second period was easy.

third period was boring.

fourth period was when i found out my grades:

Biology - A

Algebra - A

English - A

History - B

i am out to get mr akiyama for that B. i deserve an A. oh well.

not much else to type. i didnt go downtown that one day. i didnt want to.

okay, bye, now.


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