November 03 2005
it seems like nothing matters anymore...
everything i try to do right, ends up hurting me...

life at the moment is confusing, and i hide it with my ability to smile on command...


i love too deep.


November 04 2005
if it helps. I made you a pretty picture.


November 04 2005
i've felt like that a lot and what i found is that you can't do it by yourself or for yourself. ask God to help and do things <i>for Him</i>. He helps me a lot. and.. <B>a lot</B> of other people, heh. p.s. don't hide your pretty smile..

David Ambrose

November 04 2005
Hey buddy! Smile....David says Hi!

courtney kelley

November 04 2005
hey hey hey hey!! put your pretty new pics on !!!!lol.