May 06 2007
So soon I'll be in the boro for basically the entire summer.
It's crazy, this will be the longest one stretch of time i've been in the boro since... well, my first year there before I went to lee.  So, in about two years.

Well murfreesborians, get ready to have your full dose of Adam! haha

O, and um, THE BAND NEVERTHELESS IS AMAZING I know I already said that, but i'm becoming more obsessed....
P.S., random insert.
Mrs. Jeana is da bomb!!

Jeana Lewis

May 07 2007
not so much since I forgot to mail you the box I had all ready and packed for you. So sad... I feel badly about that. I'm sorry :o(


May 08 2007
Stinking Algebra with Merritt. He is the evil Sims of Math... No one informed me of this.