Blindside :)

March 18 2006
Well, I don't really have anything else all that interesting to say right now, but this is one thing I guess:  I am obsessed with Blindside.
I might have posted about them in the past, but a while ago I discovered that they were Christian.  After that, I very quickly bought all three of their cds ( after their three.... lack luster.. independent albums )
Silence is an amazing cd.
About a burning fire is an amazing cd.
The great depression is a great cd.
The thing I love about them, is, duh, their sound, but if you just read their lyrics, they are amazing poets.  The spiritual message behind every one of their songs is.. you'd just have to read them.   Go to google and type in blindside lyrics.  About time someone didn't just give you the link.  Get some internet savvy. 
So yeah, this post wasn't really all that.. meaningful, but um, I Love Blindside!

Marybeth Jensen

March 18 2006
mmmhmmm. Blindside is amazing. I love them.


March 20 2006
dont think i ever heard a blindside song unless i have unintentionally... if that made any sense... well i hope you can make it to the trilogy! <3 ali


March 24 2006
lol You sound a bit obsessed! :-) Whats new??? I haven't talked to you in like forever!!!


March 28 2006
Wait a sec...A Thought Crushed My Mind wasn't an independent album...And really, I was more disappointed with Silence than A Thought Crushed My Mind. I really think they just switched formats to less hardcore. Silence, despite its lyric greatness, suffers immensely, for all the songs used the same chord progression. About a Burning Fire is a great, well-balanced album however. I have yet to own The Great Depression.