July 13 2005
good day. very good day. well basically all of it was boring..but most of it was good. didnt do much of anything..went to bellacinos tonight and got to hang out with pretty much the coolest kids ever. so that was alot of fun. the guy gave me 2 cookies for the price of one AND heated them up in the oven. yeah..cant be much better than that. in 2 weeks we leave for cross country camp then the week after that i leave for florida. soo needless to say im very much excited about these upcoming weeks. well i dont have much else to say..hope you all have a DELIGHTFUL weekend

Garrett Haynes

July 13 2005
i heart cole

the brian king kenobi

July 14 2005
you were at the restaurant raid?! totally missed that. how did you think i did with the peanut butter?

Stephanie Levine

July 14 2005
sounds like a great day to me.


July 14 2005
wwwwwooooooooowwwwwwwoooooooo4 running... sarcasim. =] but i am oh so excited about xc camp


July 14 2005
hey cole love u sooooo much have a great day!

Alex Lewis

July 14 2005
You are so my hero!! And I will always love you more than anyone can ever know!! You know what nunber you are on my list!!


July 16 2005
yea for cross country camp!! im soo excited. definetly leaving tomorrow. =] woohoo


July 20 2005
haha....i totally saw youa t fazolis the other day...and i gave you my number on a napkin haah


July 23 2005
have fun on your vacations


July 24 2005
cookies are good


July 27 2005
hey hey!

the coolest person you will ever mee

July 29 2005
hey cole!! yay!! it's cole!!!


August 07 2005
hey hey hey, i got one, just guess who it is


August 18 2005
your in my english class.


August 21 2005
yup yup