Time for a random entry!

August 01 2005
Thursday was wonderful; from steak n shake to me rapping early in the morning. I'll never think of a pirates flag the same way.

My oldest Brother, Justin, got married Saturday. no one was invited- dumb losers.

News for those who know about it: The "competition" is over. It's no fun.

kissy kissy kissy.
haha, I love you guys.

Sara Read

August 01 2005
kissy kissy kissy? ...geez.


August 01 2005
RANDOM ENTRIES ROCK!!!! I love you too!!! I miss seeing my stephy in band....


August 02 2005
I miss my Stephy!!!!


August 02 2005
Sorry for the no competition. I miss not seeing you in band too. :-( I will see you in skool tho!


August 04 2005
i want to get married.

cailsey anthony

August 06 2005
hahahaha. what a weird question. we didnt make out. we kissed like twice i think. and the first one was on a dare. everyone was kissing that night. haha-so yeah kinda?

Sarah Vermillion

September 04 2005
Competition? Quoi? Anywho. Steak'n'Shake was lovely. You're lovely! We should hang out again very soon.