Oakland High School


Tennessee Tech


July 02 2006

arg.  what has my summer come to?  im sitting here watching veggie tales with ransey. 

someone come entertain me please!

bryan Rodriguez

July 02 2006
i will be glad NO HONORED TO go chill with erin sometime because i think i am getting to the point you are at with nothing to do and being by yourself SUCKS


July 02 2006
haha! im being an only child.i got the longest tube ride ever. i got to make cookies and noone was fighting over who got to lick what.and iv gotten shotgun countless times with no fuss. its a strange yet nice thing.

Sarah Vermillion

July 03 2006
I think Veggie Tales is entertaining.


July 03 2006
oh erin, i know what you mean. lol love - goali