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July 14, 2007

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...i love college

so life is amazing. would be even better if it weren't for those pesky classes.

im mega excited about going home for thanksgiving.  sleeping in my own bed.  eating real food.  sitting on a couch.  having my own room.  showereing without flip flops.  taking a bath... not a shower a bath.  going to calvary, i miss that place like crazy.  getting to see my family. 

but after that we only have like 3 weeks of school.  man i cant believe my first semester of college is almost over.  you guys think time flies in high school... just wait.

and just so you know if you're worried about college at all... dont be.  its amazing.  just pray it up.  pray over every little detail.  God will come through.  trust me.

much love!!

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so pretty sure Jesus loves me

so, when i left for school i was not nervous about classes.  i wasnt worried about living on my own.  i wasnt worried about other random stuff that i guess i was supposed to worry about. 

 i WAS worried about finding strong Christian friends.  i prayed that God would send me amazing Christian kids to hang out with and grow in my relationship with Christ alongside.  well God does answer prayer.  i have an amazing group of kids who love God so much.  ive learned so much from all of them already.  and i love them.

"Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding.  In all your ways acknowledge him and he will make your paths straight."  Provebs 3:5&6

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so lovin this college thing.  it pretty much rocks.  ive met some really kewl kids.  & weve had a total blast.

did anyone know that if you watch a movie on a big tv in the media room that its against copyright laws & the retarded ra will kick you out?  its true.

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so i got to school on tuesday night & got everything set up.  it was quite excting.  everyone kept telling me that i was gonna cry when mom left & stuff.  but i didnt.  maybe thats odd, but ive been so ready to leave for so long that there was nothing sad about it.  maybe its because right now it just kind of feels like a massive summer camp.  but i bet it wont feel like that come monday when classes start. 

but band is going to be interesting.  the marching band director is just  like mr waters with a strong southern accent.  its kinda odd.  but lots of fun.

well im about to leave for tech night at walmart.  ttyl kiddos!

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my job

i started my job at project help today.  it was mucho fun.  i just wish i was getting about 3x the hours i am.
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