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March 05, 2007

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the Lord, anything nerdy, paintball, pc's, counterstrike, zombie movies, going out to hang with friends, meixcan food, good cajun food,


ramones, franz ferdinand, the pixies, rage against the machine, neutral milk hotel, nine inch nails, , sonic youth, built to spill, the arcade fire, baptist generals, the pixies, the first my bloody valentine album, interpool, silver jews, ben kweller, modest mouse, gogol bordello, dj shadow, can, interpol, razorlight, the mountain goats, the shins, the killers, the smashing pumpkins, micheal jacksons thriller, ccr, outkast, aesop rock, beck, bob dylan,


kill bill 1 and 2, fight club, be john malchavich, dawn of the dead, night of the living dead, day of the dead, shawn of the dead, evil dead 2, pulp fiction, war of the worlds, the old starwars triligy, the incredibles, six string samurai,
the big lebowski, office space, akira, ghost in the shell, walk the line, donnie darko, eraserhead,


the bible, fight club, babylon rising, choke, american phsyco, slaughterhouse five,

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car needs a doctor

car smoking from something steering lost and i definitely dont know whats going on anyone know any good car doctors
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ok so i lost the war buuutttt...............

well if you have talked to me in a while you know i dont wanna work at one of my dads restraunts. well... i ended up doing just that. im now the chips cheesedip and salsa guy. so just show up when im workin and you can probably get some free cheesedip. 
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if you know an asian named....

If you know an asian named jacky and you know of the one im talking about i would love it if you kicked him in the nuts for me because he has just messed up my entire thanksgiving break : /

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billiards with my dad and uncle is probably the most fun thing ive done in a long time. its also great knowing that my dad actualy turned his phone off and spoke with me while we played. Its amazing to find out the man actualy cares its just hard for him to find time and ways to connect with me. Life is wonderful
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You cant blame the lost for being lost

somebody pray for me, im on the verge of just loosing self control and tell whoever to just shutup and get over it, i know its not the right thing to do but i hate being around people who say one thing then do the opposite, somebody just pray for me in that peace will settle upon my heart because i seriously am trying to give a good witness while using tact with my words. So please just pray for me because i feel like i have been let down by everyone i have put time and effort to get to knowing.

and if you have a problem with me or wanna confront me about something please feel free to because i wanna give the best testimony i can possible be simply by actions
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