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May 21 2006

that was the name of my Bible study for may 20.  i thought that was uber awesome. 

so i graduated today.  im done with high school.  totally done.  my moms whole family wen to p. f. changs with us & it was really good & we had a whole lot of fun. 

then i went to go look at that car... & then we bought it!  i really like it.  its a manual so thats gonna be interesting, but i tried driving it for a while & ill manage.  if anyone can drive a stick & would like to lend me a hand that would be much appreciated. 

well after i got home i went to emmy's bonfire & it was lots of fun, just kinda hung around & listened to boys play guitars & sing about kiesha.  so all in all i had a good graduation day! 

so i got this really kewl graduation gift...

May 19 2006
& im typing on it right now.  its an uber snazzy dell laptop!  im qute proud of it.  & dad had already loaded everything on it thank Jesus. soo...woot!

my new car... maybe

May 18 2006

so graduation is in 2 days.  & that is totally awesome.  but guess what else is awesome im getting an amazing laptop & *bumbadadaaaa* a car... probably. 

isnt it cute!


May 15 2006
tonight was band banquet & it was fun.  i was the most improved senior woot!  tomorrow is graduation practice.  the real thing is on saturday & i just cant believe it. 

love song for no one

May 15 2006

staying home alone on a Friday
flat on the floor looking back
on old love
or lack thereof

after all the crushes have faded
and all my wishful thinking was wrong
I'm jaded
I hate it

I'm tired of being alone
so hurry up and get here
so tired of being alone
so hurry up and get here

searching all my days to find you
not sure what I'm looking for
I'll know where
when I see you

until then I'll hide in my bedroom
just staying up all night just to write
a love song
for no one

I'm tired of being alone
so hurry up and get here
so tired of being alone
so hurry up and get here

I could have met you in a sandbox
I could have passed you on the sidewalk
could I have missed my chance and watched you walk away

I could have met you in a sandbox
I could have passed you on the sidewalk
could I have missed my chance and watched you walk away

I'm tired of being alone
so hurry up and get here
so tired of being alone
so hurry up and get here

you'll be so good
you'll be so good for me
I know you'll be so good
for me
for me

drinks for all!

May 12 2006
well today i slept until noon.  it was very nice.  went to the mellow mushroom with some kids & drank a whole bunch of diet coke & lots of fun.  between the 6 of us we had 31 drinks.  its just good i dont drink alcohol, because i would be an alcoholic. 

questions to answer because im bored

May 11 2006

1) Do you have a *mommy?
yes, why yes i do
2) Do you pray?
yup, i think i would be dead if i didnt
3) Are you in love?
4) Ever wish on stars?
yes, just for fun
5) Do you believe in karma?
not really
6) What's your zodiac sign?
7) Have you ever almost died?
i like to tell people that i almost died, but i usually exaggerate
8) Ever broken any bones?
9) Do you cry during sad movies?
10) Do you like to dance?
when im by myself
11) Ever laid under the stars?
12) Ever sat on a rooftop?
no, but i really want to
13) Is there a such thing as a soul mate?
14) Could you live without the television?
quite happily
15) Could you live without music?
no.  i would curl up into a ball & die
16) Do you have any self inflicted scars?
yes.  right over my heart... ok that was a lie
17) What do you dislike the most about life?
i cant control others people actions
18) Have you ever been to jail?
19) Ever had a job for less than a day?
20) Ever been fired on your first day?
21) Ever been fired because of your attitude?
22) Do you get jealous of other people?
maybe a little
23) Would you rather love someone or be loved?
be loved
24) What's under your bed right now?
books, cds, really old art stuff, stationary, music, atlantis
25) Ever done anything illegal?
yup, but i didnt get caught
26) Have you ever been dumped?
27) Ever dumped somebody?
28) How cool are you?
way kewl... so kewl that i spell "cool" like this k-e-w-l
29) Do you support abortion?
30)Do you believe in God?
very much so
31) Did you graduate high school?
in 9 days baby!!
32) Do you wear the same clothes two days in a row?
if i dont have any clean pants i will
33) Have you ever driven someone crazy?
of course, havent we all?
35) Ever done the Macarena?
heck yes!
36) Do you act your age?
I dont really know
37) Is it okay to disrespect your parents?
no, but sometimes they're incredibly wrong and then....
38) Do you flush the toilet when you're done?
no, i like the smell of human waste... of course i do, that's disgusting
39) How long do you stay in the shower?
about 10 minutes
40) What kind of soap do you use?
41) Are mullets cool?
i think mullets should be a federal offense
42) Spiderman, Batman, or Superman?
43) Do you like your middle name?
very much
44) Has anyone ever cheated on you?
46) What's your favorite animal?
47) Favorite flower?
48) Have you ever shaved your head?
49) Do you think marijuana should be legal for medicinal use?
50) Do you think it is okay to drink and drive?
51) If you won $1 million dollars, what would you buy first?
a horn, a car, all the land in backus thats up for sale
52) Do you fear terrorism?
not really
54) What's your favorite candle scent?
im quite patrial to cucumber melon
55) Do you use profanity?
nope, it makes me feel dirty
56) Who's the last person you talked to on AIM?
57) What's something you're ashamed of?
my lack of confidence
58) What woke you up last night?
the realization that the next day was my last day of school
59) What did you dream about last night?
60) Ever been to the zoo?
yes, i love the meercats
61) How many beers did you have today?
a big 0
62) What's the last movie watched?
the phantom of th opera
63) Are you usually late or on time?
on time
64) What's a cartoon you watch often?
65) Do you have any imaginary friends?
66) Are you waiting on something right now?
for my prince to come lol
67) Who's pretty?
oh so many people, who i will miss dearly
68) Who's ugly?
69) Are you worried about something?

thanks to kyle who i stole this from


May 11 2006

im out of high school.  its pure insanity.

i cant believe it

May 08 2006

so tonight was the band concert.  my last one.  lawson presented the seniors.  i never thought i would cry.  and then i looked out and mrs chris was crying and i was gone.  i guess i just finally realized that i am really done.  no more oakland for erin.  its so wierd.  ive just kept on planning things like ill be here next year.  its like ive known im leaving.  but i didnt really know.  i think i know it now.

oh and by the way.... the ap biology test was like having someone pull your brains out through your ears.  chopping them up.  baking them in the oven.  deep fat frying them.  and then feeding them to penguins.

thin mints

May 04 2006

went to the josh mcdowell tour dilly & it was perty good.  lots of people made decisions for Christ, not sure how many, but quite a few.  mega kewl.  ive decided i need to read his book.  its a book he wrote trying to disprove Christianity, but it didnt quite work out that way for him. 

did you know that... if i were to cover the entire state of texas 2 feet deep in thin mint cookies and had one chance to find the one with no chocolate, while blindfolded.  that would be the same chance that someone could fulfill only 8 of the 333 prophecies made about Christ.  so honestly, did this just happen by chance? nope kids its one of those God things.

this makes me want to pull my hair out.... look ribbon!

May 03 2006

here lately ive kinda felt like a squirrel on speed.  ok maybe not that bad.  i cant concentrate on anything at all.  my brains just all over the place.  graduation.  prom.  boy.  music.  graduation.  ap bio.  why cant i think straight?  that crazy fly on the wall.  jazz fest.  josh mcdowell thing.  cell phone.  college.  roomie.  new computer.  car.  new french horn.  youth group.  ipod.  tree!!  jiggly puff!!

i felt really bad at church tonight.  i couldnt concentrate on worshipping.  my mind was just all over the place.  i sat down & tried to pray about it.  i cant even concentrate when im praying.  

i like to tell myself that this is just a senior thing... but its probly just me.


May 02 2006

ugh.  5 days of school.  long days.  i wish we would get year books.  i want all my kids to sign them.  im gonna miss them.  but of course ill be back. 

i cant wait for college. 

eww.  myo concert tonight. i dont wanna go.

so yes im whiney.  & i apologize.


April 30 2006
so prom was a lot of fun.  i sang.  i danced.  i ate.  i gambled.  i played twister.  it was great.  *sigh*  i dont know if jacob had fun or not.  he promised me he did.  i hope hes not lying.


April 24 2006

im all registered and as good as there! 

11 days!! *does a happy dance*


April 22 2006

going to tech to register for classes tomorrow & im mega excited.  theres a hold on my registration because they havent got my registration that ive only sent 3 times.  but ill get it figured out.  so that whole goin back to school thing is not on my list of most exciting things.  but i guess that i need to go back to the boro if i want to go to prom.

13 days!

April 19 2006
thats right kids!  13 more days in my high school career.  got the cap & gown yesterdy.  just registered for a dorm.  proms a little over a week away.  registering for classes this monday & tuesday.  so im not even sure why i have to go to school after this monday... oh i guess i need to graduate.


April 18 2006

I waited for you today
But you didn't show
No no no
I needed You today
So where did You go?
You told me to call
Said You'd be there
And though I haven't seen You
Are You still there?

I cried out with no reply
And I can't feel You by my side
So I'll hold tight to what I know
You're here and I"m never alone

And though I cannot see You
And I can't explain why
Such a deep, deep reassurance
You've placed in my life

We cannot separate
'Cause You're part of me
And though You're invisible
I'll trust the unseen

Never Alone - barlow girl

arggg... its not much fun.  but the songs spells it out so well.


April 16 2006

i love Easter Sunday.  the church is packed.  cute little girls in thier dresses.  we talk about boys & their wgs hehe.  we read the easter story.

the kewl thing about easter is it always remind me about the difference between Christianity & ever other "religion" ( i dont like calling my faith a religion).  easter means my God is still alive.

"Why do you look for the living among the dead?  He is not here; he has risen!"

Luke 24: 5 & 6


i just cant believe it

April 13 2006

sent in my honors stuff.  e-mailed registration info.  cap meeting.  filed fafsa. cap and gown are coming next week.  its almost here.  17 high school days.  im graduating kids.  ive been so ready for so long.  now its here.  & its freaking me out in the most exciting terrifying wonderful amazing shocking way possible.

sidewalk chalk

April 08 2006

sidewalk chalk is God's little way of saying go outside & do something fun & creative!

ahhh! its a storm

April 07 2006
so what did i do today?  well my crazy plan got rained out * cries*  but well see about tomorrow *snicker*  & i watched about 4 hours of the weather channel for fun & enjoyment & then narnia.  tomorrow's saturday.... i hope ross's ( he lives in gallatin) house is ok * says a little prayer.*

yay! its friday!

April 07 2006

yay! tomorro's friday!  its been a wierd week, glad its over.  one week closer to graduation.  22 days amigos.  i have divised a clever plan for tomorro.  but i cant tell you its very secret & who knows it might directly effect you *grins*.


April 02 2006

so i sit here on my last day of break & what am i doing?  sitting back & sipping a cold (non-alcoholic) beverage while listening to my favorite band?  wrong.  im working madly on the last 2 of 10 chapters of ap bio work. insane.  no other teachers gave work.  bo did because she just realized that we have less than a month to do 10 labs & 2/3 of a years worth of biology because she didnt teach the first semester. so yeah.  i needed a rant break.  done now.

spring break is over.  now the real countodown begins.  27 days of school until graduation. that may possibly be the longest 27 days of my life. 

preds game

April 01 2006
went to the preds game with the youth group.  it wound up being me, milly, robin g & a bunch of middle schoolers lol.  not that i dont love my middle schoolers, but it was just funny.  the game was fun. the preds won.  but the trip to & from was so much fun.  we reminisced about the old days.  world changers & things such as.  i also go tht scoop on what happened at arlington, i wish i had gone.  new york will always be there, but i wont be able to go to arlington with those kids ever... *sigh*


March 30 2006 marrying james darcy.  step back elizabeth bennet.