June 16 2006
phusebox should know that i miss kelly.

I am drinking chocolate milk.

March 20 2006
I haven't posted anything on here since October. I believe an update is in order.

Since October, I have done loads of super cool stuff.

Update complete.

omelets anyone??

October 29 2005
i egged my kitchen floor this morning. only a little. it was pretty funny.

oh bernard.

October 09 2005
like i said, i'm falling asleep to The Santa Clause. they just got to the north pole and bernard is there! i forgot about him! he looks SO different in this movie than in numbers. not that i would expect him to look the same. it just made me laugh. that is all.

today was a sad day.

October 09 2005
well the braves have done it again. though they have managed to continue their now 14 year streak as the NL East Champions, they've lost the NLDS. really braves?? come on now! as an ending to the most intensely stressful baseball game i have ever seen, the stupid astros hit a home run in the bottom of the 18th inning. yes, 18 innings. crazy! the game took 6 hours! and i caught nearly every captivating moment. so anyway, it was a really great game. at least the braves went out fighting. and no matter what, i love them oh so much! in other news, i will be falling asleep to The Santa Clause tonight. i see nothing wrong with that.

so very tired.

October 07 2005
it is almost 2:30 in the morning. i am so tired. instead of going to bed, i am writing papers. lots and lots of papers. i have a 4 essay test due by 3 pm tomorrow. if i go to bed i will not wake up for a very long time. i do not want to take the risk of sleeping too late and not having time finish. so i have 3 more essays to write before i go to bed. i have already written a whole ton of papers in the last week. i hate school. i want to quit. if anyone is considering a major in english, don't do it. or if you must, don't take 4 english classes at once along with 2 other classes. you will hate your life at 2:30 in the morning just like me. well, i suppose it is time to get back to work. yay.

fat lard.

September 19 2005
i just told kelly she should dress up like tina for halloween. i'm so funny. and everyone should know it. if you don't know who tina is then you are lame.

my new favorite thing.

September 11 2005
hanging out with kelly a lot. we laugh. we cry. we make up really really cool new groups on thefacebook and phusebox. we're the best.

and now i'm jealous.

September 06 2005
so my sister-in-law just called me and told me something and now i'm SUPER jealous of her. ok, she and my brother live in hawaii (already jealous of that), and this morning she found out that the season premiere of LOST will be shown a week early out there on the beach with the entire cast. i love that show and i love hawaii and i love adam and anne. i want to be there now. boooo for being here instead.


September 03 2005
i'm sick. i can't breathe very well and i feel lousy. i've barely eaten anything for days. there's just no point because i can't taste anything. it's not fun. i'm done complaining now. someone make me feel better.

a happy update just for kelly dutton.

August 31 2005
next week is the season premiere of the o.c. woo-hoo! and i think everyone needs to know that kelly will be dressing up as an orange. get excited. i know i am. i love seth cohen.


August 01 2005
karma's a bitch. i guess i got mine.

i'm home.

July 10 2005
i've been back home for 2 days now and i must say it's nice to be here. i may not feel the same in 6 weeks, but for now i'm loving it! i went to a wedding last night and had a blast! the ceremony was nice and all, but the reception is always the fun part. see, i've never been one to spend much time on a dance floor, but i've decided that dancing at weddings is probably one of my favorite things. it's just fun to be all dressed up and out there dancing with lots of friends. i love it! we all had soooo much fun. after the reception a bunch of us headed to some club in buckhead for a while. that would have been more fun if i hadn't been getting tired. but i still had a good time. then i got home and i was locked out of my house. someone had locked the deadbolt that i don't have a key to so i had to call and wake my mommy up so she could let me in. it was pretty funny. so all in all it was a super fun night! well, i start work tomorrow so it's about time for me to go to bed. being late on the first day wouldn't make the best impression. good night moon.

mmm, bagel.

July 07 2005

photo from lalalalala

so i accidently left a bagel in the oven for about half an hour. oops.

it's almost over!

July 07 2005
i'm nearly done with these dumb classes!! i just took one final and i'm sure i did oh so well on it...or something. actually i'm mad at this class because i've had a surprising streak of As for a while now and i think this is the class that will ruin it for me. stupid class. but anyway, i have another final in a couple of hours then i'll be done! yahooooo! and then tomorrow i'm going home. yay for home! oh how i miss it. it's gonna be tons of fun. well it's time for me to go study. and when i say study, i mean eat.

i'm no good at making up titles so i quit them.

July 02 2005
chas comes home today! yay! she'll only be here for one night because she leaves for camp in the morning. but one night is better than no nights. yahooooo!

so much fun in branson, missouri.

June 28 2005
so chas just told me that she caught an armadillo last night. i found it absolutely hilarious.


June 23 2005
there was just a frog in chas's room. it's true. i went upstairs to get ready for bed and i walked into chas's room and there was a frog sitting right there in front of the bathroom door. i wasn't really sure what to do. he took me off guard. i stared at him for a couple of minutes cause i wasn't sure that what i was seeing was real. then i came back downstairs, called chas, and went back up. by the time i got back he was gone. then i thought i had gone crazy and imagined this frog. so i looked around while i was talking to chas, and then i found him. he was in the bathroom. he was all cute and small and stuff. anyway, i put him outside. my question is how in the world he got not only inside, but all the way up in chas's room. it's a mystery.

i think i'll go find something to eat now.

June 21 2005
one of the classes i'm in right now is a grammar class. yes, it's just as much fun as it sounds. so today we were learning something, though i'm not sure what because i hadn't really been listening, and the teacher brought up the phrase "might could" as an example. she, then, proceeded to tell us how ingenious it is that a group of people came up with such a phrase. after the entire class laughed at her for this assertion, she filled us in on why in the world she felt this way. she explained that using "might" or "could" provided a given amount of certainty to the sentence. but what if you wanted to give just a bit less certainty? use them both! apparently, this is a quite remarkable concept. in fact, my teacher even used the word innovative to describe these words being used together. so the next time you hear people saying that they might could do something, don't for one second think that they have a poor grasp on what is considered proper grammar. instead, congratulate them on their superior creativity and inventive use of the english language.

a weekend at home.....

June 18 2005
i've come home for the weekend. see it is father's day so i thought it may be a good idea to spend it with my father. makes sense. well, going home is always oh so much fun. here's how it's been so far......i got in town last night (friday). first my wonderful mommy and i went to dinner which was great, and then i went to meet some friends at dixie tavern. let me tell you a little bit about the fun that is always had at dixie tavern.....this place does live karaoke and it is hilarious! the band does a lot of 80s and 90s rock, some new stuff as well. the great thing about dixie is the regulars. for instance, there's this one guy, merv, who will absolutely crack you up. he's this asian guy with really long wavy hair who dances around while others karaoke. and when i say dances, i don't mean dances around like most people. i'm talking ballet here. oh yes, the man is ballet dancing all through the bar. definitely one of the funniest things ever! anyway, there are a lot of super funny and super interesting people that frequent dixie so you're always guaranteed a good time when you go there. moving on....today my brother and i did a little father's day shopping. yeah, we're a bit last minute. but after that, i headed over to six flags to meet a friend cause she had a free ticket that was only good for today. so i hopped on over there and hung out for a couple of hours. now i've come home, but i just spoke with the brother and i have to go meet him to help finish the shopping. we're not very good at it. soooo, i'm leaving now. good bye.