This is so awesome..

October 16 2005

Lovin' the new phusebox.
Kudos for Nathan.

Saturday night I went to Monster Mountain in Hendersonville with Lyndi, Kayree, Chris, and Kayla. First of all, it was out in hicktown, down a long, winding, 2 lane road, and in the middle of an old tralier park. To sum it all was scary before we even got in line. If I could explain what it was like waiting in line, I wouldn't be able to talk through all the laughter. Lyndi wrapped her arms around me, we zipped my jacket up around her, and she wrapped her legs around my waist. I looked pregnant in an odd sort of way, she looked warm, we all looked completely stupid, ha. It wasn't scary like a million people were jumping out at you, it was scary because it was in the woods, at night, hardly any light, and we had no idea what was gonna pop out at us..i.e. the air compressor, pinhead, Jesus (inside joke..).

Went for my advising session today to see what all I should take in the spring. I've got laid out what I think to be a near perfect schedule. The hard part is obtaining the classes I want and I can't do that until mid-November.

I'm so excited about the next 3 and a half years. I'll start taking 'real' journalism courses next semester and after that I'll be knee deep in it. I just hope I'm good enough to make my dreams come true..

I've done 2 productive things today:
1) won the national championship on NCAA 06 w/ Tennessee
2) went to the UC to get a bigger notebook

I love my days off.
I should probably get a job..or..something.

I've gained close to 10 lbs since I moved up here. My dad told me I was gaining a little weight. I tried on an old shirt and my stomach sticks out like I'm 2 months pregnant.

SEE!? I told you guys I'm fat..ha. Riiight.

Adios mi amigos!

I've decided..

October 15 2005
It's ALL coming off now.
I look like I belong back in high school.

Plus, no one really likes it cut like this. No, I'm not assuming. That's everyone's initial reaction.


I'm going shorter..

October 13 2005

photo from kylewesley


photo from kylewesley

Who are you?

October 11 2005
Fall break - Thursday and Friday
4 day trip home.

I'm a very random person. I'm also a very odd person. I can be messy and throw trash everywhere and 3 days later clean a whole house to where it's spotless. I'll be careless and carefree while later I'll be so cautious you'd think I was a 15 year old being put behind the wheel for the first time. I can be happy, mad, and sad all within an hour. I probably have some kind of disorder but..I really don't care. I don't like 'stupid' people, which, if you know me, you know what I mean by that. I love recneck comedy. I am a redneck by heritage. I wear Hollister, Abercrombie, and American Eagle. I drive a Nissan Pathfinder, I would be more comfortable in a muscle car. I love most sports. My dream is to work at ESPN. I've yelled myself hoarse at almost every sporting event I've been to. I was born into Alabama football, raised on Tennessee football, and love both like a religion. I believe in God. I am a Baptist. I need to start going to church again. I love college life for the sheer fact I can sleep in during the week, nap whenever I want, and live by my own rules. I believe that I can do whatever I set my mind to. I am thankful my parent's only expectations of me were to be happy. I am thankful for my wonderful family. I hold them very high in my life and in my heart. I believe that home is where the heart is. I thrive under pressure. I do my best when I tell myself I can't do the task given to me. I always think I have something to prove. I never feel like I am a success. I hold grudges, though I know I shouldn't. I have put alot into things that give nothing in return. I have mushroom like hair and obnixiously large sideburns. I am getting a haircut in 2 days to remove said mushroom for a long time. I have always and probably will always out everyone else before myself. I don't think I should have fun if other people aren't. I never 'do' anything for myself first and others second. I try not to judge people before I know them. I can be very closed-minded about alot of things. I have alot of pride. I have a girlfriend who I love very much. I want to own my own production company when I get older and get out of my first career. I have a camera phone and an iPod. I feel blessed to have lived the life I've led. I am not perfect. I will never be perfect. I have made many mistakes in my life. I think that if you've read this far you should get a cookie. I am not very good at backing up what I believe. I should learn how to backup what I believe. I don't work out and I need to. I am not a very jealous person. I have lied, cheated, and manipulated people in the past. I will never lie, cheat, or manipulate people because of the hurt it causes myself and others. I like to follow the rules. I am a momma's boy and I see nothing wrong with that. I believe I am better than people who start rumors, lie, and dramatize life. I usually don't cae what other people think about me. I speak my mind about what is going on. I try to be blunt and to the point to show the reality of the situation. I am 18 years old. I am in college. I am majoring in Journalism and Electronic Media. I was born in Huntsville, Alabama. I have lived in Fayetteville, Tennessee , Murfreesboro, Tennessee , Valparaiso, Indiana , Bowling Green, Kentucky , and Knoxville, Tennessee. I love to drive. I love life. I am content with life...

My name is Kyle Cantrell.
I am me.

Who are you?

15? 18? Dang it..

October 09 2005

photo from kylewesley


photo from kylewesley

Just in case you didn't notice, the goatee is gone.

Haircut this Thursday.
I believe a decision has been made..

UT needs to step it up. We've got Bama coming up on the 22nd. Cheer for my school or the team I've always cheered for?

No. 6 vs No. 17.
The Third Saturday in October.
Alabama vs Tennessee.

I love SEC football.

Need some help..

September 29 2005
I've been thinking alot lately about going through with it and cutting my hair..

I've got a haircut on October 13 so I've got until then to decide.

I want everyone's opinion. I don't even care if you know me or not..just give me something, anything!



The sideburns might even go..

photo from kylewesley

Ok, I took it a little too far..but my hair is getting out of control as you can plainly see in the picture..

HELP! It's about to eat my whole head!

Oh Rocky Top..

September 26 2005
GO TO Tack's Phusebox FOR SOME PICS!

Tennessee Vols - 30
LSU Tigers - 27
Final - Overtime

Down 21-0 at halftime.
Almost every one here had already changed the channel or went back to studying.
Ainge out, Clausen in.
9:35 left in the 3rd quarter, I said "Do you think?"
Cheers are being heard outside and down the hall.
2 minutes left in the 4th quarter.
Did we just..? Yeah..we just did.
Overtime, down 27-24.
Gerald Riggs Jr in from 1 yard out.
GIVE HIM 6, Touchdown Tennessee!!

After the game ended only God knows how many people converged on Neyland for the biggest party since the win over Florida last year. It lasted until the wee hours of the morning with hardly anyone sober enough to remember just what exactly went on in those hours after an improbable comeback.

photo from kylewesley

This is why I came here. This is what I've been waiting for. At the same time I am getting a top notch education, might I add.

So I guess this was initiation into college for all the freshman here because as the 15,000, probably 20,000 students were screaming Rocky Top I looked around at all of them, smiled, and said just one thing..

"It's great to be a Tennessee Vol."

I love it here. I wouldn't trade it for anything.

Let's play a little game called..

September 22 2005
The Blame Game.

Now, the rules of the game are as follows.
- Everytime something bad happens, you find someone to blame.
- They don't have to be connected in any way to what happened.
- Whatever reason given is good enough to create a following.

It's President Bush's fault.
It's the Liberal's fault.
It's the environmentalists fault.
It's the American people's fault.
It's Saddam's fault.
It's the media's fault.

Does anyone honestly see how childish this all is??

Think of it like this: when our children and our children's children are studying American history they'll read about World War 2, the hippies of the 60's, the Clinton Impeachment, and "The Blame Game." What kind of legacy are we leaving here, people? Quit blaming everyone and just help out! Katrina was made ploitical because people wanted someone to blame over a HURRICANE.

Now that another one is on the way, everyone is getting a head start and trying to blame someone for why gas is going to rise or where everyone is going to go or where Natalie Holloway on TV is playing the game that is fascinating America while the whole world looks on and laughs..

The Blame Game.

Grow up.
Shut up.
Open your eyes.


September 20 2005
Ok, first off..lovin' the lack of comments. Nice to know anyone cares.


I'm done with this.


September 18 2005
Florida sucks.

Computers..why do the not like me?

September 17 2005
So I can get onto Phusebox from every computer but my

Home until Sunday afternoon so you know what that means..HOME COOKED MEALS!
..and seeing Lyndi :-)
..and seeing my family :-)
..and seeing my friends who I hardly get to see :-)

UT vs Florida tonight. We need to play like National the 5th ranked team in the country! I love college football..nothing better than a good college football game..

I'm gonna go for now! Adios..

Oh, crap..

September 14 2005
We play at Florida Saturday night.

Dear Lord..I've got a prayer for you..


September 10 2005
So this week was..boring I guess.

No football game this weekend. Got an 81 on my first college test. I miss Lyndi. Partied last night.

I'll probably quit this. It doesn't really serve a purpose since no one here knows I have one.

Oh well.


Could it be..?

September 04 2005
UT 17 UAB 10

The game yesterday..sucked horribly. The atmosphere, experience, and the fact that football season is back was enough to bring a huge smile to my face and the only way the game would have been better would have been if ti were, well, a game. #3 in the country. Highest pre-season ranking since I think 1999..after UT's last National Championship. We played freaking UAB. Yeah, we won 17-10. Everyone in the top 5 blew out their opponent except for us.

Erik Ainge is, I'm pretty sure, no longer our starting QB and we need ALOT of work on our pass defense. Gerald Riggs is an absolute beast. Clausen is the better QB so far and my money's on the fact he will start our next game. Did I mention that it's against Florida at The Swamp? Somehow or another I still have faith..

Now we're being called overrated and whatnot but hey, someone think's we're good enough to be in the top 10.

Enough about football..for the moment anyway.

I'm home for the 'weekend'. Actually just today and tomorrow and I'll be gone for another two weeks or so before Lyndi and I go to the Rascal Flatts concert. Couldn't let 'em come back to Nashville and miss out, lol. Home is a place of escape for just relax. Kind of like a vacation..

Orange Nation is everything I hoped it would be. Neyland it always it, heh.

I'm hoping for a BCS bid..actually we're all hoping for a Rose Bowl berth. The significnce of the Rose Bowl you might ask? That's where the BCS Championship will be played this season. Hopefully Tennessee's first National Championship since 1998. I think back to the last time Tennessee played UAB. I know they won by some 20 odd points but I just can't remember when that other game was play..

Oh. Right.


September 17: #3 Tennessee @ #10 Florida.

Keep everyone in Louisiana, Mississippi, and those connected to the hurricane in your prayers!


And so it begins..

August 29 2005
...Tennessee vs Alabama-Birmingham...
...Saturday September 3, 2005...

Row 1...
Seat 5...
30 yard line...

I love college football season.

Orange Nation kickoff tomorrow night. Sweetness..


August 25 2005
I was sitting at the Quiznos over in Turkey Creek this afternoon when I realized something. After I ate my usual ham and cheese I wouldn't be going back home to hang out or I wouldn't be going over to Lyndi's. I stopped eating, put down my sandwich and said "Holy crap..I'm in college!"

HOW in God's name did I end up here?


August 23 2005
K-Town is so much better than Murfreesboro.

Knoxville: a drinking town with a football problem. (saw that on a shirt..haha!)

10 days till football season..aha!

I love this town.

Home sweet home?

August 22 2005
We're here. Moved everything in, hung out with some new people, haven't done anything productive since we've been here.

I love college.

I miss home but I love it here. :-)

$507 for books..and 2 of them were used. I wondered where my free textbook agreement form was..

11 days till that national championship run. Oh yeah.

It feels like this is my own apartment..which is tight. Basically no rules..I love college. :-D


I guess this is..

August 18 2005
I guess this is goodbye.

2 more days. 2 more freakin days.

All packed, too. Everything in my room is taken down for the most part..and to think we just moved last November and I'm movin again..

I'll write in here as often as I can. No one reads it anyway but I like laying down my thoughts..

You stay classy Murfreesboro.


August 15 2005
Everyone is starting back to school this week which means that summer is just about over. 9 more days and it'll be over for good..

I've learned alot this summer..alot about myself and a whole lot more about other people and it's been fun.

Planned on having a cookout or party toward the end of the summer..and I wish I had put more thought/effort into it. I'm gonna miss you guys..especially Lyndi. I love you so much!

This has been the absolute best summer of my life. The first summer I can remember actually staying in town was unbelieveable. I've called the one or two weeks out of the summer I got to go to the beach or on vacation my "week of sanity" which means I was in contact with only one or two people from home and I didn't worry at all while I was gone. These past 3 months have made me realize that all that time I thought getting out of Murfreesboro was the best thing to do over the summer is absolutely crazy. This summer and everything that's happened will be hard to top..if ever topped.

Its hard to say how I feel right now. I'm so excited to be starting college but I'm scared of falling from my expectations. I'm gonna enjoy the football games and the parties but I'm gonna miss my family, friends, and most of all Lyndi. Too many emotions right now..

I always imagined leaving for college as me standing in front of my packed to the brim with everything I could possibly need..saying goodbye to all those who wished to see me off. I'd get in the car, give one last little grin and wave, and drive off only to be seen again at Thanksgiving and Christmas..or when I needed laundry done, hehe.

Friday, the last day here, is going to be one with alot of emotion. Taking Brett to school. Breafkast with mom and dad, making sure everything is packed, sitting at home for a few hours letting it all sink in that I'm not a kid anymore while eating ice cream and playing some classic Nintendo, having a big dinner with the family, and being with Lyndi for as long as we can be together.

I sure am gonna miss this.

NCAA Football 2006 is so unbelieveably awesome..