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August 22, 2006

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GOD< family< friends< dancing< singing at the top of my lungs to Ashlee Simpson (even though I can't sing!)


Ashlee Simpson< Jessica Simpson< Kelly Clarkson< Britney Spears< NSYNC< John Mayer< Gavin Degraw< Shania Twain< Faith Hill< Kenny Chesney< Keith Urban< 50 Cent< MIKE JONES!< Lil' John!


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Finals are over.  Yay for me.  Now I have NO school until January 17th.  Yay for me again.  I can\'t wait until X-mas.

Pray for me and my family please.  I got in wreck (again)Thursday night and it was pretty bad.

I love you!


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Last night was the Pike Halloween Party. Good Times. It was EXTRA cold outside. I was a fairy/ butterfly. It was pretty cool, I had the BEST looking wings like EVER! All I did was dance dance dance! I saw a lot of people from high school that I usually don\'t get a chance to see around campus lately. Before we went to the party...we went to a \"pre-pary\" at one of Schuylar\'s sisters house. Then after the party we went to the Beta house...I love Beta\'s...they\'re SO cool! Then we got back to Sky\'s apartment around 3:30....I was HELLA tired after that!!!


pretty sure someone rolled our house and smashed a pumpkin on our porch...stupid teenagers. Pretty stupid stuff... you\'re suppose to do it on Halloween Day!!! Not the Saturday night before it!!! C\'mon...everyone knows that!!!

For the most part

all of the boy drama that surrounded me in my last post has pretty much gone away....Why does it have to be so difficult?

I heart you


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So....last night was MTSU\'s homecoming....and WE LOST!! When I left the game, we were winning 10 to 7...URGH!! I\'m mad! After that went to Logans with Schuylar and some of her KD sisters...good times! Then after that we went to Greek Row...we jumped to the Beta house to the AGR house all night....

I hate boys right now....why do they have to be so difficult and hard to understand? If anyone knows this answer...please let me know...cause obviously....I\'m clueless about it. 

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My Bestest Friend!


So...thats my bestest friend...ironically enough..named Brittany.  We met at good ole\' Antioch High School our freshman year...and we\'ve been best friends since then!

Different Topic:  I spent the night with my really good friend at her apartment...Schuylar...and I am loving the \"on your own\" lifestyle! Its so cool! I think I might spend the night w/ her tomorrow!


I Heart You!


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It\'s been a long time....HOW BOUT THAT VOLS GAME????

Even though it was Monday night....they never cease to amaze me! I love football...maybe a little bit too much. I am so obsessed with the Vols that I don\'t even show support for MTSU. Well Clausen played and amazing second half. It was OBVIOUS that it wasn\'t Ainge\'s night. But theres more games, and more chances for him to prove himself....whether he does it or not is a different story. Tomorrow they play Ole Miss, thats the first game I\'m gonna miss due to WORK! Urghhh! But me and my new best friend Schuylar are going to the UT vs Vandy game! Can\'t wait...Vandy is doing suprisingly well this season...but you know whose gonna come on top! Well this whole college life is going papers due every week but its definitely something I enjoy. Its starting to get HELLA cold outside...I\'m surprised. Well I\'m gonna stick to this and facebook from now on..LOVE YA\'LL!

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