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January 10, 2010

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stats test was a bummer today.


it's almost spring break. nuff said.



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One of those days

It's been one of those days where you just need a hug you know. bible study was good though. piece
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whats to come (sorry this is so long)

i was talking to my mom earlier today when i was at a pretty awesome outdoor store. though be it that everything was overpriced, they had some cool stuff. you gotta know your stuff sometimes when you go to these places, that can stick it to you sometimes.


but on to what my mom had to say.


she told me that she was listening to dave ramsey, whom i've listened to most all my life and i revere as a very knowledable person, whom was saying to a caller the other day that in this day and age, when job hunting, you have to have something specific to bring to the table. and my mom was asking me what i had to bring to the table when i graduate. well, i told her that was a good quesion. cause ever since i've decided to do public administration, i dont really know what i have to bring to the table. i could probably sell myself pretty well at a job interview, but that takes alot of confidence, and not that i dont have alot of confidence, but what do i have.


i still really wanna go to law school, so i should be studying for the Lsat, but i havent started yet. i should be studying more for what i am studying  now.


i'm watching the king and i right now. it's a good movie. a remake of an old movie from the sixties that i saw when i was in the 6th grade at central. there was a line in there that caught my attention:

"I wish to learn english to please his majesty."

teacher: "That is good but i hope more importantly you want to learn english to please yourself."


it made me think, ya, i need to learn something that is useful in life, something i can get a job with. but more importantly, why dont i learn something that i enjoy. that i like going to class for. that i like reading about. studying. discussing. maybe some of the classes that i'm in right now arent all that great. but it's still interesting to know how things work in government.


if you want to understand why things happen today you must first understand how they came to be over the years, and then understand how they work on a daily basis. so, history isnt that bad. i.e. if you want to know why south american countries are still considered developing countries, you must understand it's war torn past and military/political past.




i'm tired of obama and his feel good message. his empty words. he has that sing song type speech kinda. they way he drags out certain letters to make it sound empowering and tug at your heart strings. he's telling the people of this country what they want to hear. that we need a change cause people believe that things are bad and it's because of the president. people should understand that the president actually holds a weak spot in governtment. maybe the reason things arent so great is the change in power in the House a couple of years back...


hillary isnt much better, but i dont think her words are empty such as obama. and, he accuses her of stealing his words of "yes we can", but in reality, thats the words of the farmers worker union. so really, he stole chaves words. Hugo that is. the "dictator" of venezuala. i call him a dictator. more than likely it's just a strong presidency. larger government=socialism/communism. universal health care=larger government.  it takes a while for things like that to evolve, but it could happen. you gotta watch out.


this post is getting way to long.


God will always provide. so i'm not too worried about what will come in my future. as long as i try my best and follow His ways, i believe it'll work out.


in other news, i'm going to start training for a marathon. might be fun. i'll get in good shape anyways. but i'm ready for it to warm up. spring break will be fun. but i need to some serious studying for my midterms. but i'm doing ok thus far. i like my stats teacher.


sorry this was so long. hope everyone is doing well.




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what i need

i'm in serious need of some new study habits. it's getting pretty bad lately. but i'm going to spend a good while at the library tonight. i just gotta get it all done.



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riddle time

what do you sit on, sleep on, and brush your teeth with?



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