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Health Day

April 16 2008

So today I took a day off because I got spacers and I couldn't sneeze without cringing in pain. It was quite amazing though because I appreciated not getting homework.


I realized today that everything isn't smooth about love. It's a road filled with curve balls.(Yes, I just trainwrecked two metaphors) And another thing:


"One of those two people will stand up for that relationship every time if it's right." -Dr. Cox

DanP in Real Life

April 16 2008
Good For You.

Tyler Lowery

April 17 2008
hey man spacers fricken suck and it pisses me off that you got out of school for yours haha i had to deal with it when i got mine lol

Jacob Wuertz

April 18 2008
Yep, I'm just great like that.


May 10 2008
uhmm you train wrecked two metaphors about love...when isn't love a lot of times a train wreck