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January 18 2006
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a long day of nothingness

December 09 2005

alright then! so i dont update this very much anymore. oh well. but yea. yesterday was cool actually..well it got cool at the end. so basically its been freezing lately. i cant stand it and i want it to be warmer again. our summers suck and our winters suck. but at least our winters are better than our summers...kinda. its been so nice tho, very little homework and stuff. i only gotta go to like 2 finals and only one of them actually really matters lol. i could fail the other one and it wont matter at all cuz i have like a 98 in it. and i barely do anything in it anyway.

Government-we've been doing nothing but test review and our test was today so thats all done with and im exempting it so no more stuff to do in that class
English-this one i actually do have to take the final cuz 1. i wouldnt have exempted it this semester even if i could and 2. its a college course so i cant, its against college policy. so everyone has to take that one. but right now we're just doing project presentations and we just finished that today so now we're gonna be watching a movie the rest of the time till finals
pre-cal-i exempted that but i still have to do the review but oh well. its a whole page, big deal. so thats all we're doing in that class right now
physics-we turned in projects today so we're all done in that class too AND im most likely gonna be exempting this course if i have at least an 80 in that class which...would be the best thing in the world cuz that final is on my bday and i HATE that class and i know i'll fail the final if i gotta take it so plz plz plz! i need at least a 75 for this six weeks tho and i had a 70 on my progress report. so im hoping the project and stuff helped.
gym-ok the teacher specifically said i dont have to show up but shes not gonna tell me not to. shes just gonna count me absent or whatever. so oh well
drafting-this one ive been sitting there and doing nothing in and monday we go thru the review together.

so then yesterday after school was pretty cool. i had been getting mad at anthony randomly cuz i just wasnt in a good mood or something, im not sure. but yea it was kinda a not cool day for many reasons and i almost cried a couple times. mainly in gym class i did cry a bit. but he could tell i was in a bad mood so he let it go which i was really happy about cuz i just couldnt take all the extra stuff. so once i saw him after school everything was ok again. cept for my mood swings of course but i held those in. so i got home and told anthony we could hang out if he drove over here cuz my stepdad had to use my car. so he said he couldnt but didnt give me a reason why and then all of a sudden he called and told me to get on AIM and then he never came back. so i called his house and nina said he went to adams house. so that upset me cuz he had told me he wanted to talk to me and to get on the comp so we could or whatever and then he left to adams after not giving me an explanation why he couldnt come see me. i know it sounds stupid but whatever. so i was like whatever and went to take a shower. then when i got out of the shower i went to room and my mom told me to come out to the kitchen to do whatever chore, feed the pets. so i did and when i passed my living room, from my couch i heard "BOO!" and i just kept walking without looking and my mom asked who that was and i said "Tim" cuz i was thinking hes just trying to scare me again or whatever. then i realized tim's gone and so i looked over and there was anthony laughing. him and my mom plotted against me, he snuck in while i was in the shower and watched tv while he was waiting for me and wouldnt let my mom talk to him to give it away.

but it was really awesome that he surprised me and everything cuz it made me feel tons better and we got to hang out the whole evening. it was really nice, he even watched my favorite show with me till he had to go home. so yea, he made yesterday all better.

today has been pretty average tho. i gotta work later. adam, mike, and anthony seemed to be ganging up on me after school today the way to my car. adam even gave anthony paddle so that he could spank me and said i was asking for it. ugh, what the fuck did i do? but yea, i was supposed to drive emily home but then anthony went and said he would cuz its in his direction and i live in the opposite direction of fairfield. but it still kinda upset me cuz i was intending to do that but oh well. everythings upsetting me so its not a big deal. and mai wants to meet adam lol. omgosh, i need to warn her before i actually introduce them.

you wear me out

November 14 2005

alright so long time no update. sorry guys. i know i entertain yall and life cant go on without reading another one of my blogs. heh, yea right. anywayz right now im probably gonna talk weird cuz im soo out of it right now. cold medicine is very strong by the way. so yea, it sucks, im really sick. thanks a lot anthony!! hehe. ok fine, its not his fault. but we are both sick and its rather funny. and we've been sick for the past week or so..and neither of us have gotten better lol. but at least we're suffering together altho i have it a lot worse than he does at the moment.

ugh, so lets house is already christmas decorated. its scary, and it feels like im walking thru santa clause's house or something. cuz its just...completely decorated. nothing is the same at all. my mom goes all out during christmas but as long as she keeps it all out of my room im fine with it. and as long as i can still find all the food in the kitchen.

im so ready for thanksgiving break. its unbelievable how badly i need that break. senior year is really cool but sucks at the same time, its insane how stressful it is. no wonder senioritis exists. if it didnt then we'd die of the stress. and my dads family is really pissing me off. and since im going to be with them this thanksgiving break my brother decided he wants to show up just to start fights considering theyre all bitching at me bout college crap. trying to tell me im making all the wrong choices and stuff. so my brothers coming so he can back me up and start a whole bunch of fights cuz neither of us give a shit anymore heh. shall be fun:-) i love my brother.

and my birthday is next month. everybody get me a present!! ok im just kidding..but seriously, its my 18th birthday and i have NO idea what im gonna do...:-/ any ideas? oh well, whatever i do, everyones invited! heh.

this past weekend was pretty cool. it felt like the first time in forever that i got to stay at my moms house even tho it wasnt really that long. friday me and my stepdad went out to eat, went to compusa only to find out they lied to me about my stupid video game. they said they ordered it but never did. so i was like "gamestop will have it" and walked out. then we went to blockbuster and rented movies and stayed up watching them. then saturday i slept in and then me and anthony went to the mall and i bought lots of cute stuff. no, anthony was not the bag carrier:-P heh. there was some cool demo game he played in gamestop for a bit and it had awesome graphics but the system alone was like $400 so no thanks. i was also gonna get my ear pierced saturday but anthony said when he got the money he was gonna get either his eyebrow pierced or his lip pierced (i hope eyebrow..that would look cool) and so i decided we'd just go together. i wanna get the cartlidge pierced and i heard it hurts like hell so yea. plus im a wimp when it comes to needles. im extreme needlephobic, i dont even know why i wanna get that done. i want a tattoo as well but im too much of a wimp for that too. i'll make sure i get it one day tho.

so then after the mall we went back to anthonys house and i wasnt feeling well at all. it turned out i had a fever. so i laid on anthonys bed basically the whole time i was there and anthony babied me. i think i fell asleep once or twice even. and we hung out and he made me feel better. then i went home like 1130ish. and once i got home i went to bed.

then sunday i was lazy, i worked about 8 hours tho which is pretty good money. and then watched another movie and did homework and hung out around the house. it was nice just sitting around doing nothing. now im wondering how next weekend will work out. yay thanksgiving break. prestos coming! and i talked to cayden on sunday which was extremely cool cuz i hadnt talked to him in a while. he sent me all sorts of emails and then told me he'd send me one with actual words when hell freezes over, heh. which brings me to this next thing...cayden sent me an email thing and it was really funny so i'll paste it here.

"In a Washington University, a bonus question was given on a chemistry mid-term. Most of the students wrote proofs of their beliefs using Boyle's Law (gas cools when it expands and heats when it is compressed) or some variant. It was supposedly an actual question given on a test. and this is what one student wrote as his answer:

Bonus Question: Is Hell exothermic (gives off heat) or endothermic (absorbs heat)?

First, we need to know how the mass of Hell is changing in time. So we need to know the rate at which souls are moving into Hell and the rate at which they are leaving. I think that we can safely assume that once a soul gets to Hell, it will not leave. Therefore, no souls are leaving. As for how many souls are entering Hell, let's look at the different Religions that exist in the world today. Most of these religions state that if you are not a member of their religion, you will go to Hell. Since there is more than one of these religions and since people do not belong to more than one relition, we can project that all souls go to Hell. With birth and death rates as they are, we can expect the number of souls in Hell to increase exponentially. Now, we look at the rate of change of the volume in Hell because Boyle's law states that in order for the temperature and pressure in Hell to stay the same, the volume of Hell has to expand proportionately as souls are added. This gives 2 possibilities: 1. If Hell is expanding at a slower rate than at which souls enter Hell, then the temperature and pressure in Hell will increase until all Hell breaks loose. 2. If Hel is expanding at a rate faster than the increase of souls in Hell, then the temperature and pressure will drop until Hell freezes over. So which is it? If we accept the postulate given to me by Teresa during my Freshman year that "it will be a cold day in Hell before I sleep with you" and take into account the fact that I slept with her last night, then number 2 must be true, and thus I am sure that Hell is exothermic and has already frozen over. The corollary of this theory is that since Hell has frozen over, it follows that it is not accepting any more souls and is therefore, extinct....leaving only Heaven thereby proving the existence of a divine being which explains why, last night, Teresa kept shouting "Oh my God."

i couldn't put this on myspace

November 02 2005

ok so...this is gonna be random. i just emailed chris and he always puts me in one of those enlightening moods but i didnt wanna go and complain to him bout my own problems.

like...i have a problem with lies. everyone is lying to someone. mainly...anthony. he lies to me, he lies to jill. ok i know its not so much lying, more like..leaving us in the dark bout certain things. i cant even be totally sure if he does that with jill all the time cuz im not around. but i was with him at his house after school today and i wonder why when she called and he actually was looking at me telling her that he was doing homework and had to work. first of all, whats wrong with telling her he's with me? is he worried about saying that? and why did he say he was doing homework? we were about to leave to go to sonic so of course that was BS. and why say he was gonna work? he wasnt even sure about that. as far as he knew he didnt have to work that day until rafiq called him at 5pm. ok yea, this will piss people off, sorry anthony.

and then theres the lying to me factor. well more like, keeping me in the dark. no matter how much i get mad at him for it he still feels compelled to wait hours, even days sometimes to tell me certain things. like going with jill to phobia. i actually called while he was there and he didnt say anything. he didnt even say he went there talking on the phone to him that evening. he didnt even tell me who was there. or conversations he leaves blanks in as if im not gonna know "duh, theres something in there you're not telling me" then he profusely apologizes about it as if he wont do it again. why hide things from me? how can i trust him? i mean..its as if everything he says now i always have that feeling like "is there more to it that hes not teling me? were other people there with him?" for like an hour i was aware that only adam was with him at phobia. then all of a sudden he goes "i know you're upset but you couldnt have gone cuz..." and then you could tell he totally did not mean to let that one slip and now theres no turning back and find out he never intended to tell me. why hide that from me? why hide anything from me? i tell him everything even if he wont like it, i do it anyway. i guess it began to bug me more today cuz i found he was doing it to both sides. just for his sake? i suppose so.

im not dead

October 19 2005

ok so im doing crappy at the whole updating thing, sorry bout that for whoever reads these. i talked to presto a few days ago!!! that was like the awesomest thing ever. hes visiting for thanksgiving break and im so glad cuz i miss him like crazy. it sucks having a best friend but not being able to talk to him when you just need someone to talk to so i basically filled him in on an entire month of spillage lol. yea, i told him a lot in emails but yay, prestos visiting in a month! sandra, you're hanging with us too:-P lol, you dont have a choice. and meka is gonna make sure she gets her booty down here as well!! and you better not try and make excuses to get out of it lol. we're gonna all go do something. maybe john...:-/ i might as well give into that one if meka and presto insist...even tho the very thought of speaking to him again makes me cringe. its amazing how much i dont miss him miss him at the same time. i mean i know our friendship was just...completely and utterly a disaster and that it probably never even was a friendship ever...but its like...he was in my life for 2 years, we were inseperable for one of them and then it just goes from inseperable to totally ignoring eachother and saying crap behind eachothers backs. and yea he really hated me especially when i starting going out with anthony cuz of certain reasons but then we got over it but was just never the same again. i guess what i miss were the moments we had. like the special things, me, john, and cam in the suburban and cam ripping off all his clothes in the backseat and throwing them up to us lol. or like...our special brownie cake that we totally fucked up. and john is still probably the best hugger ever. but hes changed so much, its unbelievable. i guess thats what a relationship does to someone...yea, this is so confusing to everyone who doesnt know what happened but i know there are people reading this knowing EXACTLY what im talking about so i dont really care about those of you that have no clue.

last weekend was nice mostly. just some ups and downs. friday i had a weird phone convo with anthony, yea it was just very...awkward lol. saturday we fought most of the day until he got to my house to pick me up. once he came to my house to pick me up i was just like "alright, im gonna act like it didnt happen and hope he gets the idea" so it worked. i basically wanted to drop the fight cuz it wouldtn be resolved in any way. but it was resolved yesterday actually which was nice, i guess i needed it more than i thought i did. so we went and met his family up at the restaurant green garden and ate there. lol "you like to be the center of attention in groups" "its the KKK" "shes the only chinese lady with a butt" hehe yea, i could go on but whatever. then anthony drove the whole family home except his dad cuz his dad went to the football game. so we went back to his house and i had to show him this website bout jessican simpson and nick lachey splitting lol "im sure this weekend ashlee simpson will mouth an appropriately sad song on SNL for us" lol so then i told him we needed to go to my brothers house so we went there, anthonys a genius and got us lost cuz he went a different way than i know lol. so we parked the car next to the creek and went on one side of it...realized it was the wrong side and my brothers house was on the other we crossed the creek. ok let me set the scene for was very dark, like 830pm or something, the creek is empty except for the bottom where theres this big muddy puddle thing all the way down it. basically like a haven for snakes and frogs. where we went down i was thinking "ok so theres tons of frogs right here, there couldnt possible be a bunch of snakes" it was really funny cuz anthony was freaking out!! i mean like...whoa, i could not calm him down cuz hes freaked out by snakes lol. i was like whatever and ran ahead of him. lol and then from behind me he goes "OMG!!!! THERES SOMETHING ON MY FOOT!!" lol i turn around and im like "omg, its a frog" lol it was funny. my shoe got stuck tho so anthony had to fish it out for me. and while he was going "omg omg omg" i was running ahead cuz i had already crossed the mud and was like "im outta here" lol hehe no i didnt leave him, no worries. but yea once we got to my brothers house our pants were all muddy and our shoes were covered in mud as well. lol. so we took off our shoes and rolled up our pants and walked in lol. we had to go over there to figure out something with my brothers computer but werent able to. i dont know if he figured it out yet or not, my mom hasnt heard anything. so yep we left there, no we didnt cross the creek again, that was dumb lol. but anthony did momentarily lose his keys and they were in his lap the whole time...i think hes losing it or something. so then we went back to his house. stayed there for a couple minutes then i had to go back to my dads house. so yep, that was my awesome saturday. then sunday sucked, i worked the whole time. and this weekend will suck, i have to work that whole time too. and saturday morning is ACT. blah. so anyway yep! just letting yall know i didnt die. byez

wow weekend

October 12 2005
alright so...omg where do i start. its been a whole week since ive posted which i think is a record??? but it hasnt felt like a week at all cuz i dont think ive had much free time since then. i'll just start with friday cuz school doesnt matter.

friday-i got home from school and worked a few hours then went out to have dessert with anthony:-) we went to denny's, it was good.

saturday-i woke up at 630am which sucked considering it was a saturday, blah. got ready and went to get mcdonalds for breakfast and then took my SAT. that test ran from 845 to 110pm so i was like omg!! it was supposed to be over at 12 but the SAT just sucks like that so yea. so i called my mom and she was like "i was starting to get worried" so yea, i was gonna get the gas tank filled and go to quiznos 1. cuz anthony was working there at the time and 2. cuz it was a good excuse to finally eat a sandwiche there, cuz i never had. but some plans changed. i was at the spring cypress interaction and a guy ran into the back of my car....twice. so picture me, tired, wanting to go home, having to deal with getting insurance from this guy cuz he ran into the back of my car!!! so yea i called my parents and they came to the rescue. we figured out id get in touch with him once i got an estimate and we'll see what happens from there. so yea im going tomorrow to get the estimate. then my mom decided to drive me to the kroger gas station and then to quiznos. so i saw anthony and told him bout it, and i got my lunch as well, cuz i was starving. then went home and found out that things had changed drastically with homecoming dance plans. cam said meka wasnt coming which was very upsetting and so i called stephanie and she said it was fine for me to go with their group. so i ate then left again at like 2pm to go to her house and get ready. i borrowed her dress and like her whole family helped me get ready and stuff. i also met john and he was pretty cool. there was a group of 9 people. we had to go to all these houses, get pictures, it was very tiring and i was exhausted. then we went out to eat and actually i didnt really like their food but i gave it a try anyway. then i decided i didnt wanna go to the dance without anthony. my whole group had dates and i definately felt just kinda like...out of place, i was always used to having a date and stuff and im like "this isnt right" so i just sorta ditched them and went to quiznos to see anthony. i showed him the dress and everyone in the store was like "awww how cute!!" and stuff. and his boss finally met me and was like "you're his girlfriend?" lol. so yep, my evening finally got tons better and i went to his house to wait for him to get back from quiznos. so i sat with nina, mike, and anthonys dad watching the baseball game/ace ventura. then once anthony got there it was about 945 heh. anthony got dressed, his dad took a couple pictures, i drove us to the school and we stayed there for a total of like 5 minutes. that dance was such a waste of time, i hated it. and steffie wasnt there either and i had been trying to reach her all evening on her cell. i found out she was working so we left the school and i drove down to kroger and we paid her a visit. i could tell she was happy we did, it was fun talking to her. so then we went to adams house only to be told to leave lol. so then we went back to anthonys house and told his dad that we got kicked out for dancing too dirty. by then it was about 11 so i stayed at anthonys house for about an hour or so and then came home. i fell asleep FAST.

sunday-then of course i had to be waken up at like 7am to work on some job that had to be done THAT day. ugh, it sucked but i got it done fast and then hurried up and got ready. packed, showered, all that fun stuff. and then anthony got there about 945ish and we left to go to whataburger and get breakfast. (best breakfast ever!) heh, then we were in the car for like 2 hours just trying to get to galveston, ugh, it was torture. but we got there eventually, found our hotel, we walked on the beach (profile pic anthony took) then once we got checked into our room we got ready and went to go to the beach, we waded in there for a while only for anthony to wimp out and say "yea, lets go back" hehe:-P so then we decided to just go swim in our hotel pool. it was heated too, it was really nice. oh yea! some dudes honked at me, it was funny. so then once we got out of the pool it was FREEZING!! so we literally were running to our room and i was running upstairs and i broke my toe:-( omgosh it was painful!! so i limped to the elevator and limped to the room and collapsed on the bed...actually no i changed first, then collapsed on the bed. me and anthony had originally planned to go out to eat at mario's pizza place but since i couldnt walk he called in an order and drove to pick it up for me which was the sweetest thing ever!! so he like fixed my pillows and propped them up and gave me the remote and it didnt evne take that long. and it was the BEST PIZZA EVER!!! i wish we had a mario's pizza here:-( but it was expensive. id go broke. so then we just stayed in the room and my parents and us sat around on the balcony and goofed off and snacked, it was nice. we had the best balcony view ever. so then we went back to the room and went to sleep at 10....ok thats what we told my parents, i figure id tell yall that one too.

monday-so i was intending on us sleeping in but noooo!! my mom has to call the room at like 830am and wake us up, ugh, it was terrible. but yea, we packed, and i had really good coffee and we ended up leaving the hotel around 1030 or so. it was starting to rain anyway. we ate at mcdonalds and then drove home (it didnt take as long this time cuz we knew where we were going) and then around 230 anthony left to go do his homework and stuff and then came back around 500 and we went to the football game and they kicked langham creeks booties, it was fun. then i got home, anthony helped me with physics and then he went home and then i went to sleep and then tuesday was school.

i stayed home from school today cuz my foot was really swollen from breaking my toe, it was torture so i just couldnt walk on it anymore. i had walked on it all tuesday and thats why it swelled so bad. but yea, these past 2 days ive just been getting back into reality and taking care of a bunch of things i need to take care of. my SAT is finally over, now i gotta face the ACT on october 22. plus ive been trying to get physics help so im gonna go to tutoring this saturday at the college most likely. so yep anyway im gonna go now, i have 2 days worth of pre cal homework to do. byez

yay for this weekend

October 04 2005
hey guys! long time no post...sorta, mainly cuz ive just been really busy. and you should expect i probably wont be blogging again and the next blog that will be posted will be a big long one sometime after monday. i have a lot of stuff going on and its just really hectic right now so yep.

so the past few days have been awesome. theres this U of H trip i wanna go to and im gonna check it out tomorrow. it turns out i AM going to homecoming as well. at least most likely going and anthony decided to show up when he gets off work heh. meka is planning on coming down and attending our homecoming so i had to go cuz of course i gotta see meka and i wouldnt have any other time to see her. so i asked cam if she could share her with me so me, cam, and meka are going together yay! it will be kinda weird tho..missy and john there and stuff but ive dealt with that stuff before and meka is the biggest reason im going. shes letting me borrow a dress of hers too so i dont even have to buy one. and stephanie is my backup if meka's dresses dont work hehe.

school has been hectic as well. i have like 100 tests this week, its crazy.
government-i took the test today so we're gonna be starting mock trial soon. i ended up walking in the review session this morning by accident, woops. but at least i got to review and got extra bonus points for it even tho i did show up late i still get a couple. stephanie ended up getting moved into my class so thats cool cuz i dont talk to anybody in this class
english DC-ive been taking quizzes constantly over 1984. finally finished it today and it was crazy how it ended. then the quiz is tomorrow over part III and then the major essay test is on thursday. then ...dun dun dunnn research paper. ugh, this is gonna SUCK! 3 weeks of research paper stuff going on.
pre cal K-the test was friday and i still have no idea how i did cuz she still hasnt shown us which is driving me crazy cuz i NEED at least a 94 for both 6 weeks to get an A for the semester. i got an 82 in this class!! which is as good as failing as far as im concerned. now we're doing trig inverses but so far its not so bad. a lot of calculator stuff and some project where we gotta draw something with our calculator and trig functions
physics K-i got an 82 in this class on report card too! so ive been working my butt off in this class as well. our test is thursday and last night i wasnt able to do the homework cuz i didnt understand it. luckily no one else did and he went over the whole thing in class. but im still worried. but luckily all the rest of the stuff i understand really well. i gotta work on the review thats due thursday and see how i do on that. braden wasnt in class today cuz he didnt do his lab, heh. hes a bad boy.
gym-finally i get to rest. being assistant i dont really have to do anything so yep. today was weight room and so i sat there and...sat there some more. heh. emily wasnt there so i ended up being rather bored. friday is classroom day and the teacher said i have the privledge of passing out papers....yay:-/
drafting I-yay! i love this class, i got a 100 on the test we did yesterday and i love hanging out with stephanie and patrick.

then i drove anthony home and he tried to talk me into staying but i couldnt. i had to run errands for my mom and i had to run home before going and running them cuz i forgot my wallet at home. so yep. right now my parents at my grandparents house and tomorrow i'll be at some family dinner in magnolia. eh. probably another reason i should be working on my physics review cuz i might not have time tomorrow. i also got work i have to do tonight and finish up before friday, i also have to get my bank info taken care of cuz when i recovered my computer from the nasty virus i got, it deleted my program thing that i use and so yep, gotta start all over again. and sam goody is an ass who used my debit card on their own free will and got me 2 subscriptions i didnt even ask for and i got charged $50 without even knowing about it. bitches.

so yep. tomorrow is family dinner. thursday is everwood night. friday i'll be going to see stephanie and this guy jon who is coming down from virginia to see her for homecoming weekend. shall be fun. i wont be able to stay out with them very late tho, at the latest 10:-( cuz then saturday morning from 8 to 12 i have stupid SAT to take and im so freaking nervous and i havent even studied for it...another thing on my to do list. grrr. then right after that if meka ends up coming down cam is gonna pick her up from the airport and i'll immediately go to cams house and the 3 of us have to get ready. meka will be doing my hair too:-) cam is gonna feel lucky. then sunday morning me and anthony are going to galveston and that night theres gonna be some homecoming after party which shall be really fun. i still gotta get directions to it. then monday we're coming back and i fully intend to attend the homecoming game that night. so yep! i'll be going everywhere this coming up weekend and im REALLY excited!! but anyway, since i reminded myself of a lot of things i need to do, i really should start on them. bye byez!


September 29 2005
alright so i guess i just decided i'll go ahead and just keep 2 journals. so today was alright i guess. i just woke up so i might have a memory issue with most of the stuff. im not even gonna bother with catching yall up with recent stuff cuz i cant even really remember most of it. hurricane, big deal. then monday evening i went to see exorcism of emily rose and we went out to eat. was fun. tuesday i went shooting skeet and i worked all of sunday, monday, and tuesday.

alright so i woke up this morning, got kolaches (i had a craving the night before and decided to do that) luckily it stopped raining cuz if it wouldnt have i would have stayed in my bed and slept. i got to school, and did my pre cal homework.
government-we went over amendments and random stuff about government *shrugs* im glad im in on level
english-we had a group discussion about our book and then we read the rest of the class
pre cal- we reviewed for our test tomorrow
physics- we went over homework and then discussed a lab we'll be doing tomorrow and we have to have our pre lab done to even get in the door
gym-i had to run an errand for the coach to the AP's office and then we went out to the track. i talked to a bunch of people and then we went to the gym to have free day
drafting-we drew a template and i goofed off with stephanie and patrick

i dont understand why when i had originally offered to give anthony rides home on tuesday and thursday he was like "really? alright, cool" and now everytime im like, i'll give you a ride home and hes like "no thats ok" he doesnt even give me a reason. he can at least be like "i know you offered before and thats nice of you but i honestly have a much better time on a hot stinky bus with my friends than i do when im with you so id really rather not be stuck in a car with you, please dont take it personally" instead of just "no" and then hurrying off to go talk to her.

ive been getting more emails from presto:-) and this weekend im going to my dads house:-( hes not having any luck with finding a job thinking if he doesnt soon hes gonna be selling his house. and i dont wanna go back to an apartment with him. i hated being in an apartment when he was in one. then saturday me and anthony are going up to the turkey shoot and im gonna be shooting and so with anthony. it shall be fun, im excited. i just got bit by a mosquito:-( im gonna go now, bye

first entry

September 27 2005
alright so i found out about this cuz of my friend sandra. its pretty cool and i wanted to veer away from myspace. mostly cuz nobody i really know is on here and and on myspace everyone was on there and it was like i had no privacy anymore. i couldnt say what i wanted, i couldnt speak my own mind without feeling i had to edit it for certain people i knew who were reading it that made my life hell if i said anything that might tick them off. i figure its my journal i can say whatever i want, but obviously i cant so i decided to move away from there and into here. id love to make friends in here. if you read this or even take the time to look at my profile feel free to add me, i'll confirm anyone. im not exactly a very outgoing person when you meet me but i am fun to be around and talk to especially once i get to know you. im very easygoing and very forgiving and understanding. its not difficult to be my friend cuz i try to get along with everyone when i first meet them. i dont like stereotypes and i hate assumptions. thats one of the other reasons i moved to here. too many bad assumptions about me that i was sick of reading and dealing with. this is basically just my intro entry. dont worry, i'll start leaving actual journal stuff after this. i hope to tell at least a couple of my friends about this thing and hopefully get them to cross over no matter how difficult it may be:-P thanks sandra for telling me bout this:-) and anybody else who wants to be my friend, go ahead and add me, id love to chat with you. bye byez~