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May 11, 2010

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Merry Christmas and a Happy New Years to ya'll!
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Prom pictures are uploaded! If you want to see them all, you can, but here  are some of the ones I like best:

(my date, Matt)

(best friend Kristina)


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Orchestra Banquet

Orchestra banquet w as last Saturday, so I thought I'd share pictures. 

Next up-Prom! x___x
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I wonder...

personality flaws:

good personality traits:

do these? I'm interested in your opinions =P
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I got really mad at my sunday school teacher on Sunday. Like REALLY
mad-which isn't the easliest thing in the world to do. I dont
appreciate being forced to do things or being talked to rudely. If you
want to do things like that, do it to somebody who cares about you. I
don't. Think about it: do you want to make people leave the youth group
because you MADE them doing something. And not even something
worthwhile, something completely stupid. And then because they WOULDN'T
move, you looked down on them and spoke to them in a demeaning manner?

I should have just gathered up my stuff and walked out. I don't have to
put up with things like this in a place that should encourage you, not
put you down. Yeah, Hurray for God and Jesus, but you are NOTHING to

In other news, there's never any really polite way to tell somebody that
they've got a booger hanging out of their nose or their pants are
unzipped or something. If you're really close friends or something,
they'll just be like ah! and fix it or something. But what if they're a
stranger or not somebody you're friends with or something. They're
gonna be really embarrassed, and they're gonna be thinking: why were
you looking anyway? Seriously. It's like, why are you looking at the
boogers hanging out of my nose? Do you like noses or something? Or
pants. WHY ARE YOU LOOKING AT MY CROTCH! alskejraowiehrwn;! What's
going through your nasty little mind?!?!?! -.0 Huh?!?!
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