those Cingular commercials

May 18 2006

have you ever seen those commercials for Cingular where the person is talking about the call they were trying to make but it was dropped & the commercial goes mute for a while?!

oh my gosh EVERY time that happens i think there's something wrong with my TV..

hahahaha.. am i the only one? please say no.

beth cooper

May 18 2006
no ur not the only one, i always think so too! lol ( :

Emily Duke

May 18 2006
no you arent. i think that sometimes, but not always...*emily*

Chelsey Montgomery

May 20 2006
hahaha your def. NOT the only one sweetie!! = )

Michelle Waddell

May 21 2006
ahha, that happened to CHELS & I ha, when we were in FL..& FL doesn't really matter..but me & chels..ha, cmon..=hilarious