5 months 5 months 5 months =D

December 12 2005

...and my guard goes back up.

today is december 12th.. which means 5 months til my sweet sixteen!!!!!!

(yes... i'm just a little bit excited hah)

kayla hale

December 12 2005
if this makes me look ridiculus or whatever i am sorry for what i did, have done, or whatever it may be, i am sorry for what i said, have said or will say, i was out of line on your phusebox, i have been rude to you lately & i am very sorry, i was out of line & yes call me hypercritical or whatever but, you werent looking for sympathy, i was just being mean <br> i am sorry once again kayla


December 12 2005
heh, i know it. <BR> <BR>and doode, you'll be sixteen in half a year! <BR>actually, a little less but still. <BR>that's pretty nifffty, chick. <BR><3:]

Chelsey Montgomery

December 15 2005
yayee that means you can get your license!!! haha i hope we get to hang out soon.. LOVVVE YA!!! &hearts;


December 15 2005
sweet, yeh i turned 16 in November, but haha I waited to long to get my permit, so now I have to wait till like Febuary or March to get my license :( ...tear , but happy early bday :) -sarah-


December 15 2005
Ahhh you are a day less than a month older than me...cuhrazy!!! My birthday is June 11th, i'm excited...haha even if i have 6more months. Keep it real&hearts;