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May 04 2006
    Is hate absolutely the worst status that you can have with another? I don't think so. For instance if someone hates you, what does that mean? The way I see it, it is a strong disliking for someone, but also why would someone go out of their way to make sure that you know that they hate you if they indead really do feel that way about you. Obviously if someone in fact actually did feal this horrible emotion toward you they would just not even bother. Because typically with things that I hate, I try to keep quite a distance between me and that certain object. So in other words for someone to hate you and then care enough about you to actually consider telling you instead of just avoiding the matter in hand, they probably don't  in fact hate you. So think about that the next time someone goes out of their way just to tell you that they hate you. It's kinda funny because there's this girl at school who apparently loathes me sooo greatly that she has to constantly remind me everyday. Kids these days... what kinda hatred is that. Yeah this was kind of a weird post and alot of it doesn't make sense and it's definetly not insightfull like what I thought it might turn out to be but I've already typed it all out so I'm not going to go back and erase it all... Oh well...


May 04 2006
wow...that was nice!?...haha I HATE YOU..

Meagan McCann

May 04 2006
well i love you randy rodden! meag

Rebecca Jensen

May 04 2006
You're right... the opposite of love, is not hate, but indifference... you may have just been more insightful than you think... if you feel enough to go out of your way to do things to them.... then you still feel for them... indifference is worse.

Stephen Slate

May 04 2006
well to let you know from my point of view hate is wishing someone dead.....maybe they want to remind you daily that they want your demise to come about and that they will be there when it happens to laugh in your face as you die.......,idk thats just my opinion which does rise to them telling you everyday they hate you......but yea other then that hate is more powerful then you have given it credit for.......but also I feel it is impossible to hate.......therefore no way that person actually hates you......they probably really like you and don't want to admit it because of something you did to either them or a friend.......just remember my opinion is my opinion......you don't have to listen to it

Cari Jennings

May 05 2006
yes randy, all of my posts are about you in fact. you are my world! ha! you cracka me up.....