May 08 2007
Life is like the wind...You never know where it's going or where it's been. But, there is a time for everything.

Ecclesiastes 3

A Time for Everything

1 There is a time for everything,
and a season for every activity under heaven:
2 a time to be born and a time to die,
a time to plant and a time to uproot,

3 a time to kill and a time to heal,
a time to tear down and a time to build,

4 a time to weep and a time to laugh,
a time to mourn and a time to dance,

5 a time to scatter stones and a time to gather them,
a time to embrace and a time to refrain,

6 a time to search and a time to give up,
a time to keep and a time to throw away,

7 a time to tear and a time to mend,
a time to be silent and a time to speak,

8 a time to love and a time to hate,
a time for war and a time for peace.


May 07 2007
This is what I want to do. I want to go on a vacation to get away from everything and everybody. I guess that sounds selfish but who cares. really? I need to get away and breath. It's been a really lame past two weeks. I need time to think and some major space. Like not in a negative way just time for myself.

Don't you hate it.....

May 04 2007
When you keep on telling someone *ahem* that you don't want them to go and spend money on you but the keep on insisting that they are going to. So, you get stuck because they are just as stubborn as you are. gosh.....austin. You really make things hard. : )

In other news, my mom's birthday was yesterday. : -) We had Rice Dream....sorry tyler and austin we just didn't get a chance to invite you over. : ) Maybe next time.

Did you realize that this year is passing so fast??? Gosh, I realized this today when I finally actually realized that like we are in may now.


May 02 2007
I'm at a lost for words. I feel like a fool. Not going towards any goal but following the wind. Nothing seems worth the trip. I can't stand feeling like a loser. Missing the mark. Wandering in the valley of confusion. I'm not suppose to feel this way. But, I do. I know it's not for me. It never will be. Why do I bother chasing after things that aren't suppose to be?? Can I deny the fact that God doesn't want me to do this? I want the things that aren't for me. I can't lead people on this way. It's not right. I'm trying to make something be that's not suppose to be.

Plain, by Zoegirl
It made you feel plain when he forgot your name
let me tell you something I've felt the same
I know your in pain, there will be another boy along the way
And God, He made you beautiful and
There's nothing about you that's plain

You are a jewel, you are a treasure
you are one of a kind
And shine just as bright as the stars in the sky
You're a rare kind of wonder, created just right
So keep you head up no matter the pain
There's nothing about you that's plain

You tell me you're not the type, the kind of girl they would like
You're a little insecure of how you look in their eyes
Well, fashion will change, and trends come and go everyday
But God only made one of you and
There is nothing about you that is plain

You are a jewel, you are a treasure
you are one of a kind
And shine just as bright as the stars in the sky
You're a rare kind of wonder, created just right
So keep you head up no matter the pain
There's nothing about you that's plain

See your mind, it is precious
Though your heart may be restless
And your eyes they will see all that you're meant to be
Cause your spirit is strong and your soul carries on
You keep your head up no matter the pain
There is nothing about you that's plain

You are a jewel, you are a treasure
you are one of a kind
And shine just as bright as the stars in the sky
You're a rare kind of wonder, created just right
So keep you head up no matter the pain
There's nothing about you that's plain

Ya know, I have my days when I feel out of place, yeah
I look at who I am, I cover what I can
I wish it all would change
but you take the make-up away
you'll see the same girl still remains
she may not feel that beautiful but,
there is nothing about her that is plain

: )

May 02 2007
Oh, the joys of pestering your friends to go and spend money on you. : ) Well, I'm just pestering one friend. Poor guy!! But you see, when someone is so cool, snazzy, wonderful, amazing, beautiful, friendly, kind, considerate, and all together just awesome. You gotta spend money on the person. right? Ok, now I'm being conceited. grrrrrr........I just felt like putting that there.

In other news, Life is like a um...a...dang! I forgot what I was going to say. Well, anyway, there is some stuff going on in my life that I wish wasn't. : ) Isn't that how it always is??? Anyway, so if ya think of me sometime, will ya please pray?? thanks, I love you guys.


April 29 2007
How can you be so certain of things but then suddenly everything not make sense????
How can you be so sure that everything is going to be ok, then suddenly that all be taken away???
When does life make sense???
grrrrr....I hate this feeling....

After the Presentation

April 28 2007
Yup, so it's that time again. It's time to rewind and think about the presentation and how it went.

First, I'm tired. This presentation made me tired I'm not sure why. Well, I think it went pretty well. Besides me totally messing up in every song. grrrrrr....oh, well. Oh, well we didn't get all that much time to put on makeup that was kinda different. I was hoping for more time. I guess I didn't look that bad. As for the presentation, it went well. The people were really open to it. : ) To God Be the Glory!!!


April 27 2007
So, right now Jarred is sleeping. Yes, I know it's late but he needs to sleep. You see, He worked a 12 hr. shift last night. How did he do it?? He worked an over night shift at Kohl's. Now, this means that he went to work at 6 p.m and didn't get off till 6 a.m. : ) Poor guy. Plus he has to work tonight.

I actually practiced last night. It was good. I hope to be able to practice a little more tonight. I need to work on There is a God and America Again. It's been a while since I've done those songs. Oh, did I mention Jarred is going to be presenting??? Yup, he is. That shall be fun.

I guess I should end this now since I don't have anything else to say. I love you all.

: ) I'm not sure : (

April 25 2007
I'm not sure which one fits me. I think I'm sad that a certain someone isn't coming to the presentation. But, happy that I get to present. Not like I've practiced yet, keep your mouth shut tyler!!!!

In other news, I found out that life is pretty funny. Nope nothing like what you may expect. We got our vacuum fixed today and me and jarred were taking turns using it. stupid!!! Gosh. Vacuuming shouldn't be fun. I think that has worn off though.


April 24 2007
Ok, so I just noticed that my pants are wearing down in the knees. Which means I will be retiring them soon. drats. I really like these to wear around the house. Oh, well.

Oh, our presentation is on Saturday...But, I'm going to do lousy cuz I haven't practiced. Man, I wish Lane had time to really work with me in There is a God. That's not going to look good. grr...I should get motivated to practice. : )


April 23 2007
2 Corinthians 12:9-
"But he said to me, "My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness." Therefore I will boast all the more gladly about my weaknesses, so that Christ's power may rest on me."

Yup, I like this verse. I decide to really kinda read my bible and I came to this verse. When we come to God weak, scared, and whatever else that is when His power is made perfect in us. Man, I wish I would have to known that before. Ok, so maybe I did...I just forgot. btw, thanks grace : )

To those who have made a difference

April 20 2007
To all of you that have made difference in my life. Some by explain, some by word. Either way you changed me for the good. And I'm thankful for it. And just because I don't name everybody doesn't mean that they haven't changed me in some way.

First, My parents. I know I don't seem like I listen, but I do. I'm storing all you say for when I need it most. You taught me the best things in life aren't having the latest and greatest but God, and family. thanks.

Ok, now there are some that I don't want to name.

You made me think in a new way. You taught me what it means to replace untrue thoughts with the word of God. thanks.

You're the one that makes me smile for no reason. Just because you are you. Yup Grace, I'm talking about you.

You are always there to talk. Even when we aren't talking about deep things. but, just life in general. It always make me feel better. thanks carmen.

You're the little brother I always wanted. Ok so you are taller but that doesn't mean you better then me. I'm glad that we can be friends and not have to treat each other like creeps. You make me laugh when I don't feel like. Thanks tyler.

Man, I wish I could get you to stop picking on me!!! : ) J/k You're ability to know when to be serious and when to be goofy is a reminder for me. thanks austin.

You made me stop and think about what I truly believe. You made me stronger in Christ. And kept me from going insane. : ) thanks.

You always challenge what I say to make sure I'm thinking straight.. Thanks big brother. Yup, that means you jarred.

Your presence just makes me feel better. Makes me think that I'm not alone. thanks elizabeth.

You taught me that different doesn't mean weird. Just because we don't have the same backgrounds and we haven't experience the same things, doesn't mean we can't be friends. thanks kaelynn.

You always keep me accountable every time I talk to you. I need that. thanks amelia.

Just because we don't talk all time doesn't mean we aren't friends. I feel like when I'm around you that things are just going to be alright. thanks neely.

You are the one that makes me feel want to hug you every time I see you. btw, did I mention that hugs make feel better?? thanks lane

You are one that I know is there to call and talk when I'm feeling lonely. thanks courtney

You are always teaching me what it means to be there no matter what. thanks cory

Ok, i need to go. sometime i'll finish this.


April 18 2007
Have you ever noticed how people respond to certain things? Like my family, we have this unspoken thing that when we suddenly think of something we go and hit the person next to us. How dumb is that? Ok, but really, I notice something about my dad's family. Well, certain ones like on my grandmother's side. They show no emotion really. Like at the funeral for my grandmother, her sister was there, and she didn't even really cry. It's like they don't show emotion. Later, my aunt said that is how she was raised but it still didn't make sense to me. still doesn't.


April 17 2007
Ok, so practice was fun last night!! We learned a new song called, Shackles and it has this dance thing going on. It's not too shabby! Of course, I look like a complete dork doing it but that is ok. At least I have a dvd with it on there so I don't have to try to remember it all from memory. We did have two people missing, Tyler and Cory....It was sad : (.

good stuff...

April 14 2007
This is the chorus of the song After the World, by Disciple

I'm the one that you've been looking for
I'm the one that you've been waiting for
I've had my eyes on you ever since you were born
I will love you after the rain falls down
I will love you after the sun goes down
I'll have my eyes on you after the world is no more

I really like this song!! It's super awesome!

Good song....

April 14 2007
I found another good's called, After the World, by Disciple. I really like it!!

In other news, We have are presentation on the 28th and I haven't really been able to practice for it. It wouldn't be that big of a deal if it wasn't for the fact that Lane is not going to be there so I'm filling in for her. Which means I'm doing the Courtroom Narrator for her, and I haven't done that part in a while. Oh, well.....I get around to it.


April 13 2007
What makes a person happy? Life, friends, family, money, clothes?

of course, what makes a person sad? How do you know what should make you happy and what shouldn't?

Is living life a definite reason to be happy?

Just don't think about it....

April 11 2007
You know that doesn't work. Just not thinking about something doesn't make it go away. It sometimes makes it worse. I've been thinking about my grandmother a lot lately. It's weird but I really miss her. Like a lot. This song kinda reminds me of when she was really sick right before she died. My grandfather would at night go and sleep right by her side.

Walking Her Home, Mark Schultz

Looking back
He sees it all
It was her first date the night he came to call
And her dad said son
have her home on time
and promise me you'll never leave her side
He took her to a show in town
and he was ten feet off the ground

as he was walking her home
Holding her hand
Oh, the way she smiled
stole the breathe right out of him
down that old road
with the star up above
he remembers where he was
when he fell in love
he was walking her home

ten more years and a waiting room
at half past one
and the doctor said come in and meet your son
his knees went weak
when he saw his wife
she was smiling as she said he's got your eyes
and as she slept he held her tight
his mind went back to that first night

as he was walking her home
Holding her hand
Oh, the way she smiled
stole the breathe right out of him
down that old road
with the star up above
he remembers where he was
when he fell in love
he was walking her home

He walked her through the best days of her life
Sixty years together and he never left her side
a nursing home at eighty-five
and the doctor said it could be her last night
and the nurse said oh should we tell him now
or should he wait until morning to find out
but when they checked her room that night
the was laying by her side

oh he was walking her home
and holding her hand
oh the way she smiled
when he said this not the end
and just for a while they were eighteen
and she was still more beautiful to him than anything
he was walking her home
he was walking her home
looking back he sees it all
it was her first date the night he came to call

Burning down the house

April 07 2007
So, right now I'm working on burning down the house, since I'm home by myself it's quite possible that it will work : ) No, actually I'm making a cake so you never know what will happen with that. I'm kinda dangerous with an oven. Though it does warm the house up to have the oven on. In case any of you really wanted to know that.

On another note, I find that when you are running up the stairs you never try to take two at a time when you stuff in your hands. It just doesn't work. No, I'm not stupid enough to fall down the stairs but I did find myself slightly tripping.

Did ya'll know it is Easter tomorrow??? Yup, time to eat your ham and dyed eggs. Oh, and find some eggs in the Easter egg hunt : ). But seriously, it's not about the eggs and ham. It's about Jesus rising from the dead, so that we might live with Him forever in Heaven. That is pretty cool.

: )

April 06 2007
I'm gonna get my hair cut today. It will once again be short. I like it short.

I think we all need to rebel against this crazy weather. It's too cold I don't like it cold. I like it in the 70's and 80's. I guess you can't have everything you want in life.

Oh, and we have a mime presentation on april 28th. Fun!!! I miss presenting. I haven't presented since Nov. 4th. It shall be fun!! Maybe Grace can come!! That would be even more fun....