pace yourself

August 21 2006

you cant write the same song over again
its in the same key over again...ya
because were doing so good makin up
for miles just a little while like you would
under estimating you know you think were doin
so good im glad to be a part of the glass that you
placed upon her with your heart in case and left for danger
in a race to the rode on the way to apathy
its lifes little let down spontaneity

[[not a great month. let's just say that..]]

Michael Thoe

August 26 2006
Katie, you are off your rocker. When I have to deal with you I will. I will act civilized but the whole friend thing is a notion yet to be discussed. The whole denial thing, think whatever you want; it's your choice.

Michael Thoe

August 26 2006
If you think that you can just brush it away, think again.

Drink Dajen

January 08 2007
hows katie doing?