nothing much..

November 20 2005

mm hey! i spent a good weekend hanging out with sabrina and daniel and anthony in the neighborhood and what not.. not really much to say right now.. im sore from guard.. im still looking for that little something to pep things up a bit like a guy friend..-winks-.. someone for me to look forward to seeing everyday at school.. i should walk around school with a giant sign over my head that reads "WANTED! SNUGGLE BUDDY FOR THE WINTER. MUST BE MALE RANGING AGE FROM 15-18!"..haha.. anywho.. im cold right now.. im freezing my body off.. geez this room is horrible.. my dad.. pff... anywho i should be going to bed.. my mom might catch me.. -shifty eyes-


Matt Beck

November 23 2005

Jimmy Stearns

November 27 2005


December 08 2005
OMG... ur one of "those" ppl... how dare u wear converse and shop at hot topic!!! LMAO!! i love u mollie! ~tRISH


January 13 2006
How about Michele?


January 13 2006
I LOVE YOU MOLLIE! you are awesome and a crazy chick and that's why i love ya!

Jonathan Allmon

January 23 2006
Wow you have red hair. I love red hair. It's freaking beautiful on everybody.

Jimmy Stearns

April 05 2006
nope i dont work there but i wish i did. i need a job