i feel really stupid

October 26 2005

don't you hate it... when you meet some person, and like... you say too much? not necessarily too much information, but like... too many words. or messages or comments or whatever. and then they're freaked out or whatever and won't talk to you... and you want to apologize, but that would just make it worse, so you just have to sit there and wait for them to come around. doesn't that suck?

yeah. it does.

maybe i'll just never start a conversation with anyone ever again. then i'll know who actually wants to talk to me.

eh... that might work, but that's a pretty stupid way to live.

yeah. it is. and now i sound really emo and lame.

what can you do?

Mmd Jamie et Moi

October 24 2005

so i'm going to JAPAN with this girl in the summer. is anyone as excited as i (am)? i think not.

... i need a straightener... any givers?

mem pai?

October 23 2005

i think i had the best birthday ever.

my party rocked. and yesterday was AMAZING. i hung out with my sister, Becky, for most of the day. she took me shopping. that was fun.

last night was that party thing at the Lao Buddhist temple, and that was FU-UN. i think that was one of the funnest things i could do on my birthday. and it was cool, cause only the adults were drinking and no one was doing -fried rice- so i didn't feel any pressure. i met so many awesome Lao kids, and they taught me some words and how to dance. we danced really cool-ly. haha. and i ate this really yummy stuff called fuh; it's like soup with rice noodles and you put your own spices in it. so good.

so yeah, i'm a happy camper.


happy birthday to...

October 21 2005

so i'm installing my new iPod software... and refecting on my awesome night. ^_^

i had a SUPER birthday rave. i'm so glad everyone that came could come. there were a few key people missing, but that didn't take away from the awesome fun we had. and there's just way to much coolness to write about.

i got awesme gifts.

and i have the best friends ever. LOVE YOU GUYS!!!

omg omg omg

October 20 2005

tomorrow's the freaking day!!!

i'm so psyched. but not as psyched as Chris Slate. hahaha.

i just bought 18 packs of glow stix. i felt like such a rave junkie walking up to the counter with them in my arms.  *^_^*  YAY!!!


all i can say is "wtf?"

October 19 2005

 feel like everyone's lives are going better than mine. and it's a shitty way to feel... :counts: 3 days before my birthday.


Gavin got a boyfriend and a runway haircut, and is getting a dicount on a Ch'i Straightener.


Kasey got her top braces off... so that's a good thing, not really something for me to be jealous of, though.

wtf? (ha)

and aparently Germani and Josh were -talking about me- in the mall the other day.


but... i'm the one going to Japan this summer, so i should totally not be upset.

you know this was coming

October 12 2005

I'm having a DANCE PARTY for my bday!!
When: October 21st from 6:30 to 10pm
Where: Carriage Lane Reception House, 337 E Burton Street, M'boro TN 37130
Who: my friends and guests
What: techno only. snacks, drink, and glow stix provided. don't bring drugs.

SEE YOU THERE - bring a guest or two, but PLEASE RSVP as soon as you can!


call or email me if you need to: HierSoir88@yahoo.com and my AIM sn is HierSoir88



October 10 2005
info for myspace peeps.
it's at 337 E Burton St, M'boro. (carriage lane reception house) on OCT 21st from 6:30-10pm
bring guests if you want!! no drugs please
i'm providing drinks, food, music, and glow stix



October 10 2005

he didn't mean to keep my lisence and i got it back today!

and tomorrow i'm dressing j-pop with Jamie.

and i think i got the virus taken care of, but it's doing the sending-itself-to-everyone-on-my-buddy-list thing again. arg.



October 08 2005
sometimes... i can't stand my family. but that's very rarely. like, now is not one of those times. but, i really can't stand it when my brother-in-law tries to tell me what to think. i don't know... i don't want to make some little thing a big deal, but it just irritates me.

at any rate... i feel like it's Cristmas time... ? and like, i'm just always bored. i'm ready for this break to be over. i feel like i should always be going somewhere and doing something... i just don't know what.

and Kasey, Macy, Anne, and Lauren are going to some haunted house tonight and they want me to go with them... but i just really don't want to. i don't have money anyway.

... haha, JohnJohn is talking about going to Kids' Castle. it's like 20 degrees outside. (exaggeration)



October 06 2005
so the Shiny Toy Guns show was AMAZING -as expected-
it was just... great to see them live. great.

i really enjoyed myself.

... but alas! my camera fell out of my bag in the car, so i didn't get any pictures during the show.



October 06 2005
Emily Rose wasn't SCARY... but i was freaked out.

i couldn't go to sleep until 4:00 am. i just stayed up and watched tv. haha.

i saw this awesome show!! MILK CHAN!! it was SUPER. haha. this little girl-looking chick like... is so funny. i think she's a grown up though. i don't know. anyway, she's always yelling "YOU DUMBASS" at pepole. and she told the president to shut up. hahahaha.



October 04 2005

my dad just walked in covered in paint... and said "i just got cleaned up"


so like... i don't know... i feel like ... dumb sorta. but not. just... not super.

i babysat John and Ethan today. that's always an experience.



October 02 2005

whoah. i had my sister pick me up yesterday and went and hung out at her house. pretty sure that's the last time i go anywhere without my car. haha. not that i don't like hanging out with my sister, it's just kinda tricky when i wanna go somewhere. i had fun though.

  • John is precious, though sometimes a little much
  • Adam is... adam
  • Ethan is quiet and pretty reserved, but he's fun when he wants to be - love that kid
  • Heather is a fourteen-year-old girl
  • Jonathan is sleepy
  • Becky is the awesomest sister in the seven seas

missed that concert thing at Sports*Com... but i didn't really wanna go to be honest. it woulda been nice to hang out though.

and now i'm at my faja's. whoo. hoo.

hoko-ten ~ arigato ~ cho takai

September 27 2005
harijuku girls, you got that wicked style.

i like the way that you are, i am your biggest fan.


Yoji Yamamoto, I'm hanging with the locals


Vivienne Westwood can't go wrong, mixed up with second hand clothes
(Let's not forget about John Galliano) (no)


The streets of ~~Harajuku~~ are your catwalk (bishoujo you're so vogue)
That's what you drop

roll bounce

September 24 2005

dude... last night rocked the house. it was Kasey, Anne, Macey, Lauren, Addie, Ina, and me, and we were amazing. we dressed so crazy, and we totally owned the skating rink.

not to sound conceited, but those kids LOVED us! omg. and when i said "5th grade thugs" i wasn't kidding. but seriously, the majority of them thought we were awesome.

some little 10 year olds gave us shit about our outfits, cause we were dressed CRAZAY, we we really didn't care... i mean, they're like 10! and some of those little girls were nazty! they humped the floor during the Cha Cha Slide... geez.

oh! these little boys didn't know who the Spice Girls were, but we got the DJ to play "wannabe" and showed them what's up. he also played "Barbie Girl" and "Thriller" for us. some kid was screaming "80s!!" at us all night. it was funny.

oh and pretty sure this little 11 year old named Parker has a crush on me. he was all "do you have a boyfrined" etc. it was precious.

but yeah, we had a fan club going. kids followed us everywhere. everywhere. they danced like we danced. it was epic. granted, it took a while for them to warm up to us... and some of em still hate us, but whatever. they all wanted pictures of us too. and some guy was just randomly taking pics of us with his camera phone. it was pretty epic. i gave him props. hahaha.

anyway... there's way more to the night, but it's almost too much to write, and it's just little stuff that happened, nothing dynamic. i don't think...

oh! i told everyone i was from Tokyo, Japan, and that i just moved back here after living for like 4 years in Japan. and they were like "does everyone dress like that there?" and i was like "yeah, basically" cause i mean, i looked like a Japanese raver! fun fun.

i felt kinda bad for these kids, cause since they're young and ghetto, they're pretty closed-minded and not really accepting, but i think we can change that. we're gonna go back every once and while, and become sort of regulars.

stay cool, don't do drugs :peace sign:

oooooh yuh

September 19 2005

remeber how i got that killers cd in the maiL? well today i got Duran Duran's Greatest Hits cd. ^_^ awesome, huh?


pretty sure i almost kissed Kelsey Shearron in the hall today... it was kinda scary. hahaha


we're going to the Melting Pot for dinner. MMMMMMMM!!!!

but yeah... i'm out.  <3

buk hum noy, py la?

September 13 2005
no frill, Sims2 Nightlife shipped today!!! it's a day early. that means i'll get it tomorrow instead of thursday!!

hellz yeah!!


September 09 2005
funny things happen to me


August 26 2005
YAY!! LE WEEKEND!! whoop.

fball game tonight. it's prolly gonna be rainy and gross. but i don't have anything better to do since Kasey is sick. maybe if the game sucks, i'll go hang out with here at her crib. heh.

p(r)ep rally today. it was pretty fun. i like being a junior...

and! we get to go back to French class on monday!!! ^_^ hehe. but that's it. love you guys. hope to see you at the game tonight.

whoop there it is

August 22 2005

plain day. nothing happened that's special. i don't think. so i have nothing to write.


i love you's: Kasey Brooker; Katie Kimbell; Kelsey Stroop, Shearron, Johnson, and Floyd; Britny Bryant; Hayley Cantrel; Abby Donnell; Jamie (abby's freshman); Sarah Walls, Gilbert, and Vermillion; Chelsey Warwick; Lauren Clap; Regina Whitehouse; Oday Manosin; Asia; Nana; Addie Baker; Carly Greenwell; Alan Whitley; Amanda Smallwood (Blender); Brett Tenpenny; Emily Pritchard; Liz Joines; Chris Lemyng; Linzy Thompson; Kaitlin Beck; Kyle Hayes; Libby; MariBeth Taglio; Mellie Riddle; Jane Woodard; Milly Hall; Meyekul Mulane; Michael Nobile; Ina Marshall; Niles; Noel Jones; Paige High; Rachel Edwards; Robert Jones; Shoe --no particular order

happy birthday to...

August 21 2005
well... yesterday my nephew, Noah, had his birthday party. he's going to be six. there were 400,000 kids there, and it was insane. but whatever, we got to eat Rice Krispy treats, cause Noah hates cake.

then i went to my other sister, Becky's, house for one of my other nephew, Adam's, birthday thing. he turned 16. that was cool. i got to see Niles, and i haven't seen him in forever. got candy too. and Adam hates cake as well, so we had yummy pie. ^_^

and i spent the night at Becky's and went to church this morning.

Kasey is sick. pray for her. i'm afraid she may have what i had, and that's no good.

love you guys.

how to spell -FUN-

August 19 2005
so Kasey and i went to Nashvegas tonight. we went to Coco, but like, no one was there really, except Libby who got there when we were leaving. and Chris and Jill were there for like 2 minutes.
---aparently the new place to hang out is the "Huka Bar" where everyone sits around and smokes flavoured stuff from this thing that looks like a bong. we didn't go there...

so we ended up going to RCKTWN for another Battle-of-the-Bands. i only watched one band. hehe. i met the people from Kas's lunch table though, and they're awesome. ^_^

i looked real cute tonight too. i had kind of a rough look going on, which i really like for me. i had on Zach's green Hurley shirt, which was hot on me, and some jeans. had on my white "Breakdown" belt and my leapoard-print belt. wore my Asics, and wore a red bandana on my head. to top it off, i haven't shaved for a really long time. ^_^ looked awesome. and Kas wore this old shirt her mom had in the 80s with just a bra underneath it. very hot, she looked.

anyways... i'monna go to bed soon. peace out.

OH AND! there were these guys at Taco Bell making fun of me the WHOLE time we were there. WTF?! don't they have anything better to do? and they said "i bet his shoes come off when he farts" WHAT THE HELL DOES THAT EVEN MEAN?! am i supposed to be offended by that, or am i supposed to laugh?

people are dumb sometimes.

too much zeal

August 18 2005
i'm kinda frustrated with this whole exchange student thing... (i know his name, but i'm afraid to butcher the spelling) it's like... he already knows everyone else. he doesn't need to know everyone else. and he's frineds with my frineds, but that doesn't seem to be a plus as of yet. and he's friends with Kelsey Shearron. i swear, she's competition to me in like every aspect of life. she effing goes to church with him. but, i love her to death. :shrug: maybe she can help out. plus the only time i really see him is at lunch. i do see him between like every class, too, but that's it.

maybe i was just too overzealous at first. maybe i should calm down and just be like another person he met at school, and just like wave in the hall and stuff. i don't know. i'll ask Britny about it. after all, we did adopt the aspiration to know this kid together.

but other than that, school is good. it's gonna be a good year.