my step family (minus Kenny)

March 01 2006
(l to r) Tiffany - Jonathan's GF, Jonathan - step bro, ME, Jeremy - step bro, Julie - step sis - her husband isn't here, Tracey - JD's GF, and JD - step bro
Originally Taken: November 30, -0001


March 01 2006
i knew it... i told my mom..." u have 7 kids... one of them is going to be gay.... and theres nothing u can do about it...." u guys proved my point LAMO!!! ~tRISH

Kylie Boy

March 01 2006
aww, you're the cutest one there!


March 04 2006
aww ur so cute :)


March 04 2006
aww you look soo cute in this pucture!! <33 i miss you like mad!


November 24 2006
its so funny. jd julie johnathan jeremy. all start with j.. and they all look.. alike.