September 21 2006
Murfreesboro.........? where is this place? is it in the middle of no where?
im serious, i dont know where this place is...........it sounds like a boring place.........hahahaha borng place

the brian king kenobi

September 21 2006
it is boring . . . and if you aren't careful, it will suck out your soul and you will never escape.


September 21 2006
HAHA thats so so true to the above comment...its the most boring place on the planet and once you are here no matter how are you try to leave you just can't get out its like a horror movie AAAAHHHH...lol j/k but really its hard to leave no matter how much you want to.

Sarah Vermillion

September 21 2006
Mufreesboro is the exact geographical center of Tennessee. And yes, it is rather boring. Not quite as boring as some other small cities and towns, but still lame in comparison to cities like Nashville. Which aren't all that exciting in themselves.

Drink Dajen

September 22 2006
You are quite correct. Murfreesboro is the dead fuck middle of Tennessee. We all live in trailers and no one wears shoes. Its especially heart breaking if you are not originally from this town.. Never visit. cause they'll never let you leave.

♥ inthemiddleofabreakdown.

September 22 2006
haa. murfreesboro. sucks. but it's addicting. pathetic.

Jessica Dennis

September 23 2006
wow...i kinda like it but that's me


October 01 2006
I wonder if everyone else feels the same about a city or a town. Ive heard everytown is the same if you just break it down, everyone wants to leave, even though deep inside they love it and miss it. You just have to get out while you can. I guess it is just like any other town really, people, places,family every town is the same.


October 01 2006
yah.... its kinda boring.... but its a college town so something is ALWAYS goin on.... u jus gotta find out what.... i love it here!

Brent Walker

October 13 2006
i'd take Murfreesboro over Los Angeles any day. and yes i have been there