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The month of August needs a holiday.
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Hang-up, Credit Cards, Snakes and Willie

I think for the first time I am going to cover everything that I put in the title in a single post.  For clarification the stories you are about to read (or just quickly scroll through, but you stopped here you might as well read and get a good laugh) all occured in a 4-hour period as my last night at the Wal-Mart on Old Fort Pkwy in Murfreesboro, TN.

I'm going to attempt to keep these in chronological order so here we go...

I clocked in at 7pm on 6/23/06 and found out that my other closing CSM was going to cover the Layaway lunch and then take his (i.e. 2 hours on the front end by myself which i have really gotten used to).  Within 15 minutes I am running like crazy trying to take care of everything.  The I get called out to the garden center.  While out there one of the wonderful members of management pages me to call him.  Upon doing so, he requests that I send him one of my cartpushers to help unload the truck. My response (remember this is my last night) "I am in the garden center taking care of a situation, I have 5 or 6 cashiers that need something right now, so I will add your request to my list and get around to it in about 15-20 minutes." and then hung-up.  Side note: I never got around to it.

Next, I start getting lines (big shock at wal-mart).  So i page management so that I can get my cashiers who were pulled to work the truck could come back up front, which my request was denied, I was told to get the floor associates to do it.  So at this point, I make the page and so that management hears me pretending to do my job and only used 1 of them that came up.  The lines are not my problem, when the complaint calls come, i won't be there.  Well on top of that I have a cashier who needed to use the restroom which I approved but they didn't understand that to mean shut off your light and go as soon as your line is down (I will come back to this point).

Let's back up, I'm already out of order so let me just throw this tidbit of information out here to cover another point in the title...Willie Nelson came and shopped at this store that night.

About 10 minutes after I requested my cashiers back and was denied, Management calls me and asks if they can have a cashier to run electronics.  I responded, "I have lines, no one to spare, not my problem." and hung-up (are we seeing the pattern when i talk to management yet).

Then I get paged to the service desk where I hear the words that I don't want to hear..."You are going to have fun with this one." Apparently a cart pusher had seen a snake under someone's car in the parking lot and sent a customer in to tell me.  So I go out to the parking lot to assess the situation.  As i'm going to the parking lot I tell the cashier who needed to restroom break to shut off her light and go.  Out in the parking lot, the snake is on the move (very slowly i might add).  Now I don't know anything about snakes, but it was 3-4 ft. long and black.  So I go to my car to see if I had a box that I could put this thing in.  I didn't.  So I go back to where everyone was and asked "where's the snake?"  The response, it just climbed into this car.  So I take down the license plate to page the customer.  Luckily there was a pest control specialist walking through the lot and said he could take care of it if he could get in the car.  So I said I would take care of that. 

I walk back into the store (while outside, I kept getting change requests that I was ignoring because despite the wal-mart belief, I can't be everywhere at the same time). I get a page from management.  apparently my cashier who didn't get the hint that she could go to bathroom was complaining to customers who in turn called and complained to management saying i wouldn't give someone a bathroom break (because apparently 2 15-minute breaks and an hour lunch are not enough time to go to the bathroom).  I told him that if they don't understand what approved means, not my problem and i have bigger situations to deal with such as a snake in a customer's car.  He questions me on this and says I am over-worked, stressed and probably hallucinating.  My response (and excuse the language) "I watched the damn thing go in myself, not i have to page this person" and hung-up.  Made the page and the phone started ringing, i told the cashier to answer it for me and i started on change requests.  after delivering one of them, the cashier stops me and says the phone is for me.  Yet another member of management telling me that he is coming up there for the snake situation and sending someone else to help me (i was shocked).  So he meets the lady with the snake in her car and the other manager asks what i needed him to do, i told him to go to every register and ask people what they needed in the past 20 minutes.  The snake got killed, the lady was happy. (Quick side note...all this above was in the first 2 hours of being there).

Final story is not as good, but I spent about 30-minutes trying to get a credit card approved by a bank because she had requested a new card due to marriage, but they hadn't sent it, but put a flag on her old card.  Finally got that taken care of.

Needless to say, i am a lot happier at Charlotte Pike, and plus I can be more open about my relationship with Lacey since we don't work at the same store anymore.  Sorry for the long post, but I hope that you had a good laugh.

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So, here I am again on a lunch break with nothing to do....i'm beginning to think I either don't eat enough or I eat too fast or maybe it's a combination of both.  So I'm trying to figure out what I want to rant about today, but everything seems to be going well right let's give something a try.

Have you ever been so bored that you actually got tired of being bored, because being bored is very boring, but you don't want to break this endless cycle because work is boring as well....

No that is a very poor attempt to strike up a conversation with myself, so i'm going to try something different

I realiezed that i make neverous mistakes when typing so i m going to try this without using th ebackspae key . i hope thtat most of it make s sense.  this s kind of interesting. this goes to show hwo our society ha s developed adn conditioned us... we are alrays tryign to cover up our mistakes witht he literaly and figurative backspae key...sometimews we just hve to an....sometimes we just have to own up t o our mistakes.

This brings me to a second rant....why do we teach our children now that everyone is a winner.  From the child who wins the race to the one who takes 3x as long to run the race and loses.  Yes, I understand that we need to build up our children and make them feel special, but why give a trophy if you don't deserve it. this just goes to show that if you half-ass or not even do anything you are still in the same category as the person who strived to achieve the goal and did.  We no longer differentiate between winning and losing.  We would rather call the game at a tie so that no one has their feelings hurt.  I hate to inform people but the world is not that way...some people will be left behind, life is not fair.  Agree or disagree...your opinion is your own.  Sorry for the long post...maybe i'll dive into this again later.

- Daniel

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Good-Bye Old Fort Wal-Mart

Well, I can finally say it...good-bye to the Old Fort Wal-Mart...This comes as a result of numerous reasons...

Reason 1: I'm moving to West Nashville July 28 and want my transfer to be as seamless as possible and it is hard to move and start in a new place at the same time.

Reason B: Read the previous post

Reason III: In the last 2 posts I spoke of some huge news, so because this event has finally taken place, I can reveal it (and confirm everyone's suspecisions if you've already figured out...i.e. seen my Facebook). I have to leave because as an hourly manager it is against policy to date someone you have direct/indirect supervision of (can you tell who read the policy looking for loopholes), and for 3 weeks now I have been dating one of the cashiers there...her name is Lacey (see the "I'm having a baby post")...After years of searching I finally found someone and all it took was a 5.5 hour trip to steak n shake.

Thus this is part 1 of a 2 part farewell post.  Next month I shall be saying farewell to Murfreesboro...the place I called home for the past 4 years. So many memories (good and bad) and so many friends that I have already lost touch with...maybe I can throw a small social gathering at the new place after I get settled.  I'm moving on to no roommate (unless you count my cat) and being my sole provider.  No more money from Mom and Dad (which was never much because I never asked) and some huge debts to pay off (i.e. the $3600 bedroom funiture).  Anyone who wants/needs the new address can hit me up for it and be watching as the cell phone should be changing from 678 to 615 in the next 2 months (basically whenever I feel like it).  In leaving this wal-mart i will admit that i have created some bonds and will miss people but i will always be back (my girlfriend works there).  until next time


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Walk out

Well, I finally did it, or I should say that they finally did it.  Quick background...Wal-mart management thought it would be nice to give someone saturday night off for a bad reason (don't care to say what it is, but it was stupid) thus leaving me as the only CSM for about 6 hours...not Sunday, still a little upset about this situation I decided that I would talk to management about this...of course, they told me that it was an insult to them for me to come to them with this complaint and saying that i felt under appreciated. (sorry about having feelings wal-mart).  And to be told that given the chance they would do it again and leave me by myself because I could handle it.  So, since the other guy came in on Sunday to make up his hours and I felt as though they could not properly resolve the situation, I look at my manager who is the one responsible for screwing me over, and told him that i was taking 7 hours of personal time and walked out and that I wanted my transfer asap or else i was just going to up and quit that regardless of what happens i wanted out of their store.  About 30 minutes after I left I realized what I did and actually felt good about it.  So, now I am debating if I even want to show up on Friday.

Quick side note...I said in my last entry that if things go the way they are, I could shed some light on a current situation.  Well things are changing so it might be sooner....big news to come.

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