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"you know, the new kid with the hair..."

April 13 2006

So everyone seems to be
talking about the new kid

but he's MY neighbor

so.... i win O_O


April 13 2006
new kid..?!?! <br><br>being gone for helping with pictures, i missed that.<br><br>maybe cuz i`ve been in my own world all week.<br><br><3sarah!

Bre Lemen

April 13 2006
touche. << i wonder if thatz spelled right.

Lin-Z HackneY

April 14 2006
haha yeah but im having his babies.. so i win lol jk. but he is buying me coffee next time.. when im ungrounded the 25th lol<3


April 15 2006

Ashley who?

April 17 2006
I,I love little girls they make me feel so....bad.