Debate Camp...

June 25 2007
So debate camp is in 12 days...and I dunno if I should be excited or not lol...well no I am let all yall know (for those of you who don't know) I am part of a speech and debate competetive league which has it's ups and downs. At an actual competetion which we call tounaments I get to debate and the resolution of the year is "Resloved: That the United States of America ought to more highly value isolationism"  OH BOY! I have been thinking that no we shouldn't value isolationism higher, and heres why. Isolationism means a nonparticipation in international, economic, and political relations. Meaning that each country should take care of their own issues and not get involved with other countries. But I propose a different idea what if however, we, America, try to help other countries, after all we are considered the most powerful country out there, which if we help other countries we could form allies...which would lead to a decrees of war, and complications, and thus would increes world wide safety and protection. BUT if however, we decided to uphold isolationism...our government believes that isolationism is the key to world peace, but I strongly disagree. I would LOVE LOVE LOVE comments on this what do yall think about isolationism?

Honey I'm home

June 20 2007

So I am sooooooo VERY VERY VERY VERY happy to be back in TN man I don't think I EVER want to leave this place again! So I have been fixing fences, and taking care of animals it's sooo much fun man it's good to be home :) You know what I can't stand is girls that work on farms, and that's all they how to be strong and tough, and they forget how to have charm and grace.  BUT what I absolutely LOVE, and am trying to accomplish myself to be able to be strong, and tough when I'm supposed to, but to be able to be a Southern Belle when it's time for that :)  And that my fiends is a dying art.





June 09 2007

One of the things I hate about this thing NEVER know what the people are talking about lol :P It gets kinda annoying  :)




June 09 2007

So I am fixen to hit the road tomorrow...please keep me, and my family in your prayers :) it'll take us about...5 days to get to TN's so AWESEOMELY CRAZY lol :P





June 08 2007

So things are awesomely CRAZY here lol!! So yesterday we got my dog shaved and he looks soooooooooooooo wierd cause his hair...oh excuse me "fur" is usually about 3 inches long, but since we're moving back to TN it would simply be torture for him to have such long hair at a much warmer climate...the summers here are 60 degrees, and people die of heat stroke lol :P


anyway I best be going :)




June 06 2007

I am so tired, BUT the good thing is I actually like being tired not really :P Once at a speech/debate tournament (those things are 3 days long) I wanted to see how tired I could get myself...yeah not so smart...I ended up not doing so great at that competition...oh well :) ANYWAY moving is tiring BUT I am sooooooooo happy to be moving back to TN YAY! Then I can be the country girl I really am....going from the middle of nowhere to the middle of everything is a hard change...that I still haven't accomplished :P


so yep that is what's new with me :) I will hopefully see all o' yall sooner than later :)




June 03 2007

So as you all know :) I am going to be moving to TN this summer...however, turns out I'll be moving sooner than I thought lol I am getting in the car, and pulling out of this drive way...the 10th of this my life is CRAZY but I like it that way so it's cool :)


I am really excited about it, and yet a little torn....gah it's def. a bitter sweet thing cause I am moving back to my home, but I am leaving a lot of people here that I love and care about...but God is helping me there :)


AND we're DRIVING to TN lol that'd make it the 6th time for me...WA to TN is approx. 2,750 miles...that's a lot so it will take about 5 days plus we're taking 4 dogs lol whew I am so excited :) :) :) :)