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My ever tricky Sophomore year

August 11 2006

1st period  - Keyboarding w/Humphres / computer applications (I didnt ask for comp. app. so im gonna change it)

2nd Period - Latin II Honors w/Ogles (more translations ugh.. good people in there though)

3rd Period - Visual Art I w/Perkins (I'm gonna enjoy this one except for my adhd freshman neighbor whos gonna be drivin me nuts in there)

4th Period - English II Adv. Honors w/Yokeley (Since I was gone my friends kindly told her that i talk alot, great first impression of me. haha)

5th Period - Biology I Honors w/Vaden (Only one friend in there but at least i dont have Ms. Smith, her project sucks)

6th Period - Pre-Calculus Adv. Honors w/Arman (Pray for me)

I got second lunch with.. umm. NOBODY. My best friends and my cousin have 1st and 2nd. Oh well.. Its still gonna be a good year since I'll be drivin and gettin my first job. I'll be back i'm gonna go to the beach.


Stupid Head!

August 07 2006

Why do we all do such retarded things! I am really stupid you guys. You have no idea. And then i tried to fix what i did with a really pathetic made up story that came too late. ugh.... Lets just say that as soon as i get my hands on my friends cell phone i got some stuff to delete...

<stupid head>

Great Summer!

August 05 2006

Oh man... Where to start.

I haven't been on Phusebox nearly enough. So much has happened unposted.  

So this summer alot of things changed for me - I saw someone get drunk for the first time, met like 5 new kids in my nieghborhood, went on my first major youth trip, Turned 16, got license, got 4 of my friends to start comin to youth group, went to six flags for the first time, my mom finally got a  new car - a 2003 Black Toyota Avalon, some of my closest cousins moved from Louisiana to 1 mile from my house, when i get back im gettin my first car! - a '95 Forrest Green Volvo 850.

Its amazing, this summer has made me finally feel like a teenager, in good ways and bad. I feel like im gettin closer to my friends and farther from my momma's boy mentality. I still dont cuss, but im not such a stiff.

Oh ya! I'm fillin out an application for Chick-Fil-A while i'm on vacation so that when i get back i can get a job. Hopin on about 20 hours a week.

Its all good right now, I'm on vacation in Charleston South Carolina. Well right outside Charleston on James Island. There's a pool, a dock, a hot tub, we can see the full Charleston skyline. Oh man its relaxing out here.

I'm actually lookin forward to sophomore year. Some of my best friends are comin to Riverdale, and my cousin Taylor. Its gonna be a great year! Drivin myself to school is gonna be cool too. Im psyched.



July 17 2006

I just got back from RYM - Reformed Youth Movement. It was a one week christian camp at Launa Beach in Panama City Florida. It was AWESOME! I spent hours on the beach, met some really cool people, learned about God, and made some great memories. I''l post pictures as soon as I get em cleaned up on the computer. Hope you guys are havin a summer as good as mine!


The week so far...

June 30 2006

Sunday: I saw Tokyo Drift again.. my parents left.

Monday: I hung around with the neighborhood crew.. went to youth group.

Tuesday: I hung around.. went to an awesome birthday party.

Wednesday: I hung out with friends.. saw Superman Returns (ok movie)

Today: hung around.. Matt and Ethan returned.. played Frisbee Golf.. had Chick-Fil-A.. LEARNED HOW TO DRIVE A STICK!!!

that was cool...

Everyday: watched Smallville with Aaron the youth pastor. lol

been a fun week. Hangin around a lot. made summer times.


Ah the frustration

June 24 2006

My friend Matt invited me to go to Gatlinburg for 5 days with him and Ethan.

I wanted to go but my parents are goin out of town and said that my sister couldnt stay here with our youth pastor without me, and it was too late to find her a friend to stay with til wednesday.

So I cant go.. ive never even been to gatlinburg, dollywood, or the speed park with the gokart thing. Ive also never gone on vacation with any of my friends.

Im in a pissed off kinda mood... ill get over it...


Back for a while

June 23 2006

Tennis camp was AWESOME!

Met some very nice ladies in tennis skirts. lol.

Got like 7 girls phone numbers.

Got my serve better.

Very good times....


Was that a "wasted" day or what?

June 15 2006


So I woke up at 8am and ate food and showered and stuff by 9.Then I hung around until about 10:30, at which time I went to my friends house.

He had already had two shots of Tequila and 3 beers. NOT SMART! He drank 6 more and we finally got him to stop and started walking him around to get him sober. I was tryin to keep him away from doorbells, porto-potties, and trash cans (all of which he wanted to mess with) and spent the next 3-4 hours pickin him up and pushin him past trouble. He then drank 6 more beers because his buzz was gone and he was feeling bad. This takes us to the total of his 15 beers. I was tryin to be a good friend and stop him, but it took his sister to finally stop it. Last I heard, he was in the bathroom, stripped down, sleeping, crouched over the toilet. He had his fun, but now lets see how fun it is! Right?

I then just went and played flashlight tag with a bunch of little kids. Good way to spend an hour.

Oh yea! I got a date tomorrow. Lol. Wish me luck.



June 12 2006

I saw Cars yesterday after church with the youth guys. I really liked it. If you pay attention, you notice some pretty funny stuff that the little kids don't understand. Everyone should see it.

I don't know what else to write... be back soon.



June 10 2006

25 days til I turn 15

7 days til Tennis Camp

6 days until  !

Summer is goin pretty well, not the most exciting yet.

cant wait til vacations begin...



May 31 2006

Summer is lots of fun.

Hangin out all day…

How cool is that?

Tomorrow is just another fun day, but Friday everyone will be gone so I guess I am gonna swim all day.

Sorry I've been gone.
I'll be back soon…


Still not back to the norm

May 25 2006

Ya. That's right.

I hung out with my friend Ethan all day and went to lunch and played Xbox with Aaron, the youth pastor at my church.

Me and Matt still aren't talking.

McFadden graduation was tonight!
It was so wierd to see those kids graduating and think that I did that a whole year ago.

I gotta get some shut-eye.
Good night America.


Still not back to the norm

May 25 2006

Ya. That’s right.

I hung out with my friend Ethan all day and went to lunch and played Xbox with Aaron, the youth pastor at my church.

Me and Matt still aren’t talking.


McFadden graduation was tonight!

It was so wierd to see those kids graduating and think that I did that a whole year ago.



I gotta get some shut-eye.

Good night America.



Schools out! Haircut.. Friend Fight?

May 24 2006

1)    SCHOOLS OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

               Im Totally psyched about summer.


2)     Haircut. Ya'll like?

                 (Notice the Lack of my face.)

3)     Friend Fight

This is gonna take a while… Me and my friends (Jenny and Lizzie) hung out until Ethan and Matt got home. Then it was time for my haircut. After that we spent two hours watchin tv and talking at Etahn's with Lizzie and Jenny. Then we went outside and played basketball. Matt was added here. Jenny and Lizzie left around 6, so it was just me, Matt, Ethan, and a kid named Jesse. After me and Ethan won like 4 games, we were in the final game before I left when I was guarding Matt. I kinda tripped him up a bit from guarding, so he did a shoulder throw at me. It hit my chin really hard and smashed my teeth together. (FIGHT BEGINS) I punched him in the stomach or chest out of anger and pain and we began hitting a bit when he punched the crown of my head. I then hit him in the face (Ethan told me), so Matt punched my head really hard like 7 times. I felt the blood rushing, I got really mad, stood back, flicked a bird (bad thing), and left while spitting in his yard. His mom came and asked what was going on to him while I was leaving. Then I call Ethan a few hours later and he said Matt was cryin a bit. I have 5 ERASER SIZE bumps on my head. I'm confused.

Whats going on…


I know whats going on now.

Matt told Ethan to tell me that he cried and was hurt.

He really hit my head 7 times because of my elbow in his stomach after his first punch. Time for a break from hangin out with Matt. eh?


May 23 2006

All five minutes of freshmen year are over as of today.


I am going til eleven tomorrow to do two exams (sick days kept exemption away), but those are my only two.

I am so happy about summer, feelin weird about getting older though.

I'm reflecting, what is to come seems miles away, what has past seems right behind me.

  < JacoB >


May 21 2006

I had to delete all pictures with me in them and my name, school, city.

It sucks

- the guy who shows not his face now

Sunday Morning, pre-church

May 21 2006

I am about to go get ready.

Quick update:

made THIRTY FIVE DOLLARS in 3 hours of babysitting.

I went to the party for 1.5 hours.

 - Jacob

The last long Saturday before school!

May 20 2006

A very LONG day indeed…

Plans: (- is a check)
Sleep -
Play video games -
Eat -
Shower -
5:15 babysitting job (a 10yr, a 2yr, and twin 2yrs)

7:00 Tiffany's party

"As the hours crawl by

I think of you

The moments we've shared

And the things that we do."

~ JacoB ~

Been Gone For a While, but I

May 19 2006

I made that up. lol.

Phusebox is awesome and homework is not, so now that class is over I have my nights back to update the heck out of this thing.

Life is good. Summer break means vacation, youth trips, basketball in the hood, and TURNIN 16!

How cool is that gonna be?

Lots of Fun times ahead.

Ya'll doin anything over summer?

If you are, or if you're not, get on aim and send me a message. Hoping to hit the movie theatre quite a lot.

Don't know what to write… Ya'll comment me and remember that I'm back and ready to read your entries.

Be Back Soon


April 20 2006

Time for some BIG talkin.

Been gone a while.

School - Ok grades and a lot of Tests. Boring at Riverdale, but trying to make the best of Freshmen year

Good Friday - emotional. watched The Passion and had 2 church services. felt very touched.

Easter - Family and a well needed day of rest.Big turnout at church

Coming Weekend - Some thing with my dad, uncles, and guy cousins. 5 mile hike and sleeping in a 3-sided shack. Sound like fun. Right?

Story of the Day - Last night I jumped up in the air and did an amazing 360* turn and landed perfect. Then a bug attacked my ear and I did this awesome duck and spin thing. good times...


Mends and Messes

April 07 2006

Regarding the last entry: Mended my relationship with my sister. Found out that my other friend... well that was bad communication. It's all good from my last entry.

The Mess of the Storm: My dad was driving, my sister was at a friend's house, and my mom was freakin out. We're all fine except my house. One broken window and half of the back of my house has to have the siding replaced, huge holes. Did I mention the water leak in my guest room?

The other pieces of the day: Late because of sis+mom, its okay though. I forgave. Very stressful school day, but I feel back in the swing of life. Got out of school 45 minutes early for the tornado problems. That was cool.

The Weekend: barely any homework and  (there is the link).

Hope ya'll are all okay!

-+ Jacob +-

Fighting and Friendship

April 05 2006

Two related things, but my stories are not.

Problem 1: My sister and I were fighting a lot today. I love her, and we use to get along really well, but she turned 13 in February. Does that explain everything or what? All of the sudden it is much harder to get along. We both love each other but we are so different now that we fight about even the little problems. Mainly the fact that she doesn't like it when I play Video games. Something about attention. But I barely play anymore and when I do she still has a fit. Any ideas for help on that one?

Problem 2: One of my (thought) good friends might not be as good as I thought. We were great friends yesterday and Monday and Saturday, yet today and Sunday I got on his nerves and he didn't even want to be outside when I was over there. I think I have some bad effect on people recently. I don't know what I'm doing.I can't seem to get the right, or keep the right friends. Tell me what is wrong with me please.

No comments... I'll live.

Comments... I might throw a party.

Make me feel special...

 - The Jake master (or disaster, not quite sure)

Back in the Swing

April 03 2006

Uhh... Not quite ready to go back, but I'll make it. Hope that this week goes by fast though...

Youth group was great tonight. We now have four girls at one time, and five guys. It doesn't sound like much, but it is a fun improvement. We enjoyed ourselves playing basketball, talking, eating pizza, and most important having a really good lesson from Romans 12: 9-20. It was all about compassion, brotherly love, and how to act with your enemies. It sounds like the basic Golden Rule stuff, but Aaron applied it to high school and it really struck home. It made me realize some things about myself and gave me some thoughts on how to act better.

Feelin kinda down, but tommorow is a good day comin on...

Good Night

-+ Jacob +-

Back from SC

March 31 2006

South Carolina was fun.

My grandmother Mimi is better and Nanny's vision isn't too bad right now.

Got some new clothes.

Ate lots of Chick-Fil-A.

Saw a goose who wags his tail and pants.

Interesting break...

-+ Jacob +-


March 17 2006

my teachers are crazy..

One is a republican hatin on Bush.

Two looks at porn in his office during class.

Three looks like Harry Potter.

Four gives out random long homework and locks kids outside.

Five is a crazy 24 year old math dictator.

& Six is stressin me with a huge report/research paper thing.

and they say Oakland is weird...

Back to other Life

Same-Old Same-Old

homework, gaming, and tennis

Spring Break, Coming Soon!

Going to South Carolina to visit family.

Hoping for some good times.

More Important

One of my grandmothers is having high blood pressure problems and that is the reason we are going to SC. Please pray for Mimi.(Minnie Lee Richardson) I hope she is okay, but at least we know she is a great christian and she feels accomplished in life.

I'm goin back to Life...

-+ jacob +-