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March 23 2006

Okay so how is everyone doing today... Excellent I am hoping... Because well I am sure many of you guys have heard about what happened last night... During rehersal I was dropped and well I landed on my knee... Yeah that's right it popped and then was burning BAD last night... Now this morning I got up and it was still burning... So apparently some people thought that I was not going to be able to fill my roles in the show so I was replaced... On top of that I was already mad at myself for allowing this to happen... I mean I guess I can't help everything in life... I am just really down-n-out now... Because I feel like I am totally worthless to the show... This is my senior year my last show and now I can't even dance in it anymore... Yup I am really depressed about this but oh well I guess I have to trust that this is for the best and that everything will work out... I just wish that things could be different... I wish that this never happened... As they say though "life goes on" I just need to take those words and remember them... So back to last night right... Well I had a major breakdown at my house... Everything that I was holding in well just finally came out... I mean as much as I would let come out came out... Everyone keeps asking me about this certain person and well all I have to say to that is just drop and forget about it... Nobody else needs to be concerned with it so it's all cool... What's supposed to happen will happen... I am not going to force anything or whatever... If it is meant to be then it will be... So guys that's all for right now... I hope all you guys & gals have an amazing day...

Stephen Hamby

March 23 2006
hey man! i am so sorry for what happened last night!!!

Mary Lauren

March 23 2006
i'm so sorry you hurt your knee! i hope everything gets better! Let God rock it. +ML+

Carol Nixon

March 23 2006
im sorry. i hope things get better for you.

Just Me

March 23 2006
hey. sorry about how awful things are goinkinda know how u feel. oh and btw...i need limo money asap!

Amanda Judy

March 24 2006
we havent talked in a while...:-(


March 24 2006
hey haven't talked to you in a good while.... how ya been?