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August 23, 2006

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May 20th keeps creeping closer...
My nerves! My nerves! I'm.. wooo wooo... I just cant wait until this high school crap is over. I'm tired of being labled as immature, lazy, and a druggie.[well that last part i have to take back.. >< hehe] Yeh. I'm just ready for the mental release of having to fit in with a certain crowd, of being pressured to do other things becaise you dont want to be left out of the loop. I hate that feeling. will up date later.
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I'm totally stressing about this. I will have this pain in my stomach until she gives us them back. I think I caused myself to have an ulcer. Do you kno what I'm talking about? TERM PAPERS!!! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! ><!!!! I was working on mine like any other student on the night before it was due... and guess what happens... Dumm DUmm DUM :O I fall asleep working on the paper! This morning, I stressed to get the damn UNFINISHED paper emailed to myself in time enough for me to catch the bus! OMG what a morning.

So I figure that I could work on it in second period were I have the most AIR HEADED teacher. I figure she is going to be giving a "walk through" lesson. but But BUT NOOOOOOOOOO!!! She has to give us an activity to do on our own. That BITCH! I cant believe my eyes and ears! Of course I panic! I'm sweating.. SWEATING bullets! Of course I PANIC WORSE!! I dont kno what to do. I figure that I would sneak and do my paper anyways.. but you kno what happened... She walked around the room making sure that everyone was doing the assignment. PFFTT!! :P  I got news for you teach,  NOBODY and I mean NOBODY was doing it. Well of course.. today was my day.. She caught me. I got pissed off. Karen was trying to soothe me. I was stressing extremely bad. So I let that bitch win for now.

Library Bitches...
I then figured, "OYE!! I'll do it in the library during lunch!"  But  noooo since today was my lucky day- yeh the fuck right- I asked that old lady nicely.. I mean NICELY!! if I could just print the damn paper off... but noooo- by this time my eyes are whaling up and I'm about ready to let it all out- she denied me because I didnt have my little stamp thingie for her old ass eyes to see. I bet she could tell her ass from a hole in the ground! She pissed me off so bad. Later I caught up with a friend and told her about it.. like she cared, shes a junior. She made fun of me. But, mwuahahahahahahahahahahaha! I told her she would have to go throught this shit next year, sooo :PPPPP!! And that cheered me up a bit.

I love Love LOVE Chris!
It was fifth period! AHHHHHH ENGLISH!! OMG and still no PAPER! I was talking myself into taking the zero for not even having it. I had mentally prepared myself for it. I was holding back tears. I knew that if Mrs. Jackson would have looked at me, I would have started crying. I felt so hopeless. U__U But then I noticed Chris and got a huggle!! We were both last mintue on our papers. I said "Uhh.. where you going?"
"Print off my paper."
:O "WTF?!? Will you print mine too?!?!?"
A few mintues later my unfinished paper was in my hands. I felt alot better but not much. I wanted more time.. to build a time machine to go back to make me focus more on that damn paper. Hell getting anything is better than a zero. But it dont even matter I think that I have failed that class anyways. I'm not doing good in that class. It will suck ass...
no it will suck major donkey balls if I have to graduate in summer school. I will be so ashamed of myself. But my mother? Lesley (why do I care about her? @_@)? Edu? OMG EDU!! I havent even thought about him!! OMG! What will he think of me? Now I feel so horrible! I wanna cry! I think I will do that, it will make me feel better. Maybe I will come up with a solution to this. Begging Mrs. Jackson for extra credit? Whoring myself for her (O O HELL NOO!! That was Chris's idea. [FUCK YOU! :P])? Hell I have no idea but I need to think quick fast and in a hurry!
Someone hold me and tell me the world is gonna be ok!! PLEASE!!
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Karen and I went to MTSU's Tucker Theater to see the Chinese Arcobats. They were AMAZING!!

I will upload some pictures and some video later. Right now, though, I'm tired!

Peace out- Lemonade
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peace- Lemonade
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Letting you in...

I met this guy and we have been talking for awhile now. He's the most beautiful creation that I have ever laid eyes on. He has an arua that is bright and beautiful. I believe I could live the rest of my life with him.

You kno the whole shaa baam:
Old Age

That. He's incredible. No.. not just incredible.. but, when I find that Super word to describe how greatly fantastic :), he is... I will let you kno!

Lets see... His name is Eduardo "Edu" Aurelio Herrera Garate. Now thats a name..^^ and I want it all. You kno back when you were in middle school the girls would write there boyfriends last name after theirs. Tsk.. tsk.. I am ashamed to call myself a hard ass, but he makes me feel so warm and mushie.. I have been doing all the little girly stuff.
I'm  starting to loose my edge. But this is a good thing. I cant be all mean and sour all my life, right. This love feeling looks kinda nice on me and it feels good too! ^^
He told me that in spanish countries, they take the mothers last name and the fathers last name too, thus having 2 surnames. I said no. My last name has so many bad memories and experiences attached to it. I dont want that carried into our new life. So I will be Kaleena Herrera Garate. <--- Sounds pretty cool, eh? I'll just go by Herrera. Herrera sounds cool.

Love feeling...
People should feel what I feel. This love thing is great! He makes me so happy! ^^ Yeh.. I gonna quit because I think a few people have gotten sick.

Cya- Lemonade
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