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March 14 2006

How is everyone and everything going for everyone today... Excellent I am hoping... I am doing AMAZING... Ready to be able to run the show from start to where we have it done now... But yeah things with that are going awesome... I mean I need to work on my dialogue and stuff but that's gonna be okay... Just hope I can contain myself untill then... So I leave for NY in ummmm... Well 2 days... This trip is going to be... Ahhh well words cannot describe how it's going to be... Not to be a party pooper but I just wanna say to all those drama queens... Please leave it at home... Nothing can rain on my parade... Well something could but lets not think about that... I would rather not... Everyone have a wonderful day to all you guys & gals...

Carol Nixon

March 14 2006
im glad youre doin good. havnt talked to you in a while.

Candi Ramsey

March 14 2006
Ha, i know what would make i AMAZING.... lol te he he

Chelsea Turner

March 14 2006
HEY!! i hope you have fun in New York!!! get me something!!ha