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December 22, 2006

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Being on the Farm, Hanging with friends, laying in the grass with a friend just talking about life, deep conversations, music, movies, and chevy


Country, r&b, rap, blues, pop hip hop, opera, rock, mostly n e thing


i like alot.... humm.... comedy, scary, action, drama, some lovy dovy....


i dont really read....

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are we loosing a holiday now that we're older???

DO you remember when we were young, getting SO excited
about tonight, halloween going tick or treating, getting candy, and
best of all getting to dress up....

Dressing up, isn't that like pretending to be something your not, now
when we're older it seems like people do that ALL the time so maybe now
we're not loosing a holiday.. just gaining a life style...

what's with that??
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i KILLED my car

Anyone who goes my siegel, please spred the news to some of my teachers if yall know. i got into a major accident this weekend (sunday morning). i dodged a deer and hit 4 trees in the process. i lived, all the damage was mainly in the back of the car, by the grace of God, if it had hit in the front i would have had to go to vanderbuilt because of my knees. (like a bozo i got up and walked around with my back hurting they said if it had of been cracked lower i could have paralized (sp) myself)  i went to MTMC in an ambulance, i was in the ER for over 3 1/2 hours. i ended up only jamming my thiumb, and cracking 4 verdibre's in my back, i'm in some major pain and probably wont be able to go back to school till Monday.  please pray for me... i'm on some MAJOR pain pills, vicadin i think it's called
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My life these days

scavenger and stuff 009 Road Tripscavenger and stuff 075

 scavenger and stuff 005 Late park nights 

scavenger and stuff 033 Football Games

scavenger and stuff 064Rainy Days

 tyler Long goodbyes

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Life's been going... pretty interesting lately.....

  • Boys

  • School

  • Church

  • Parents

  • Friends

Chesney's having surgery tomorrow so keep her in your prayers..... i'll be there all day tomorrow, if anyone wants to call and find out in for 308 8572

ches at hospital 

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Man i HATE being a girl sometimes::

I swear if i cried any more you could call me Old Faithfull!

          I didnt know i had so much water inside me!!!

                         GAH!! Here i go again... ::Cries::

 (that was a GREAT few nights)

Isn't it amazing how a simple icon can say SO much....

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